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for Fragments Of A Shattered Moon

8/30/2022 c29 anonehmoose
Wow absolutely heartbreaking but heartwarming. I know it’s been 10 years but PLEASEE COME BACK AND FINISH THIS. I absolutely love this, it’s my newest favorite. The enemies to lovers, it feels natural and not ooc, the character development in EVERYONE! I need to see them finally happy together and what happens after. I hate how it’s always the good ones that are unfinishedplease come back!
8/5/2022 c29 4marzelinefilth
It's really sad that this beutiful story does not hace an end. It Made me want to cry, because it's incomplete. If you read this, sead me a message, i Will be happy whit the hope.

If abyone knows what happened at the end or if they read the same story elsewhere by the same author, please let me know ando i'll be eternally grateful.
1/18/2022 c29 Lady of Vampires019
I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't realized that there were no more chapters until I tried to read the next one and it wasn't there. :,(
Sorry to ask this but, are you going to finish this story? I loved it so much, and I would be so grateful if you could finish it. If you're not thinking of finishing it, could you let me know so I don't wait for it, please? Thank you.
1/16/2022 c7 Lady of Vampires019
Oh, my baby boy! :,(
My heart is breaking seeing his reaction.
1/16/2022 c6 Lady of Vampires019
I'm glad she finally understood the importance of her training and looking for the last shard.
6/26/2021 c29 Roxana Miranda
Please, please need more, mmm porfavor si pudieras seguir la historia me encanta, saludos.
5/22/2021 c29 Mar750
Realmente amo esta historia... Los capítulos son excelentes y amo tu forma de escribir..
Así que te suplico por favor, que actualices lo más pronto y que la termines, porque realmente vale la pena.
En cada capítulo que leo, siento tanto sentimientos jaja.
Amo completamente la pareja de sesshomaru y kagome. Espero pronto que por lo menos se besen o avancen en su relación.
Espero con ansias el próximo capitulo.
5/20/2021 c29 6Kurojistou
I’m glad Koga is getting the closure he needs
5/20/2021 c19 Kurojistou
Favorite chapter.
3/8/2021 c29 1Mclevenger2013
please please continue it's amazing i want to know more
2/24/2021 c29 1senbanzakura
pleeeeeaaaase finish!
2/18/2021 c29 Guest
5/9/2020 c29 Kit
You swore you would finish this years ago,I must remind you because it is wonderful and I need to know what happens lol pleeease
3/22/2020 c29 The Sacred Tree

I know it has been a very long time since you last wrote. It has also been a long time since I have been in this site, but I was suddenly struck with a memory of how awesome this story was and was hoping it had been updated and finished. I see that it is not, but nonetheless this story is amazing, and I hope that one day you find the time to complete it. And I wish you well in all of your other endeavors.
9/12/2019 c29 5Kite06
A little late to the game, but this is an amazing story! Love it so much. Hope you some day find the time to write more for it!
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