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for Twas The Night Before Christmas

12/26/2008 c1 151Fiona12690
Hiya Babe,

I love this cute little one shot. I loved little Gordon and Virgil cuddling awe... that was the best. Write another little one shot soon with Alan, you know about me and my love for Alan. Sorry I haven't reviewed lately I had to get my laptop fixed. My brother spilled a drink on it. I am lucky it was able to be fixed. I will be able to review your stories now and post mine up again. YAY! Loved this and can't wait to read some more from you.

Love ya laters and I hope you had a great Christmas!

12/26/2008 c1 11TangoBravoZulu
A real warm fuzzy christmas story, loved it. Love that the horror's (kid's) are so sweet when they are asleep, that is so, so true of my two. I can just imagine the following morning, four kids under 8, on christmas morning... stand back and take cover. LOL.

Thanks for a happy read, it left me with a smile, Merry Christmas.

12/26/2008 c1 14lissysue85
Aw that was great and so so cute. I loved it. You did a brilliant job honey.

I loved the conversation about how Santa would get into the house. My dad always used to say he used a spare key. I loved Scott's reaction to Lucy and Jeff's mushiness too. It was so typical of a child.

Well done this was brilliant and I loved it. Love you too. Hope you had a great christmas.
12/25/2008 c1 53Jimmy Candlestick
that was sweet. one-shots are normally random.
12/25/2008 c1 7Inkbug
Aw, that was sweet!

Not too often do you find fics with lots of Jeff/Lucille fluff like this one! And those toy cars were certaintly out to get Jeff weren't they? ;3

Excellent job!
12/25/2008 c1 Lightbulb
Aw, sweet. Nice little fic. I like Jeff being such a kid, he was funny. Especially the line "Die, Frosty." Lol, that was funny. I also like Lucille and I would like to read more of her. Another fic with Mommy Tracy, please! Anyway, good work. A nice Christmas story, Lmb.
12/25/2008 c1 53Kat12739
Aw, that was really cute!

"so that I know whether or not I'm a half-decent one-shot writer." Half decent? This is one of the best one-shots I've read in ages! I'd say you were brilliant, not half decent.

Hey, could you pleease do a follow up where Tom joins in with the fun and festivities (sp?)?

I loved the part where Scott thought Jeff was mentally insane; I could just see Scott's expression, and it had me rolling round the floor laughing. And Virgli placing Gordon in a jail of a cupboard was a classic. Maybe I should try that with my brother when he gets annoying.

By the way, When the Music Fades is really good and addicting and I can't wait for the next update.

Hope you had a merry xmas and have a happy new year.

KZ ;)
12/25/2008 c1 37tiylaya
This was a sweet little story. It was wonderful to see the excitement of Christmas in the whole family, and to see how they built up to it through little gestures that meant a lot to one another.

I like the way your stories are shaping up into a detailed universe of their own, with Tom as a recurring character in the background. And, I have to say, the thought of Virgil matter-of-factly installing Gordon in the cupboard was hilarious!

Merry Christmas to you, and thanks for the story.
12/25/2008 c1 montogma
Loved reading jeff acting like a big kid.Virgil was so cute!Heh...pushing gordon into the closet and asking how santa was going to get into the house without a chimney being there.Scotty and john were great also.Word cannot describe how much I loved the Jeff/lucy banter. I loved the whole car scene at the begining.Excellent first one-shot.
12/24/2008 c1 72criminally charmed
That was cute LMB. You need to do another when Alan is around. Maybe the first Christmas with another baby. Or Lucy telling Jeff that is present is coming in seven months. Ah - the gift that keeps on giving...
12/24/2008 c1 5Fafa Fai
I shouldn't had read this. It was cute but I can't stop thinking that Lucille is gonna die and Jeff and the boys are never going to have this again and Alan would never know how it was, but it was so cute, tan lindo...ahi.
12/24/2008 c1 83sammygirl1963
Totally awesome story E!

I so enjoyed this story of the boys when they were younger, but it was kind of sad to read that Scotty no lonmger believed in Santa, but then he is growing up isn't he.

I loved the way that Jeff took special time with each one of his boys at different pooints. I had to laugh when he gave Gordy a bath and ended up being drenched himself. And how cute was it when he tried to get onto Virgil about putting Gordy in the closet!

I think you should write more stories with the boys as youngsters as you get the time! The only thing I missed with this one was Alan-but of course, he was not born yet!
12/24/2008 c1 err. who am i
Warning: super duper high dose of cuteness and happiness that can cause aww-ing for uncertain period of time.

Oh, joy. This really warms me from the inside. Love how you portray Jeff-Lucy relationship. Seriously, that man's a kid at heart. What a Christmas present, my friend. (Though "Santa" seems to have a rough night delivering the presents XD)

Merry Christmas.
12/24/2008 c1 12foryouareanemberintheashes
Okay, dude that was freakin' adorable! I loved it! The boys area all so cute (even Gordon though he is a little terror at times: P). Jeff was hilarious, all his energy and him acting like a little kid was priceless. I have to give Lucy her props for putting up with him and the boys. And Lucy, OMG I loved her! You write her brilliantly! Great job my friend. I absolutely loved it. Total and complete fluff and you've proved that you can write one shot crack fics just as well as multi chapter fics. XD Loved it, loved it, loved it. Hope to see more of them from you in the future. Aw heck, more of any fluff crazy story from you would be awesome. Hope you have a great Christmas!

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