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1/13/2019 c1 SomeGuyFawkes
Had some amusing bits.
12/22/2018 c1 2trekkifulron
awesome just fucking awesome
4/27/2018 c1 hunzbookwyrm
Great start hope to see more soon.
11/19/2017 c1 2Nihatclodra
Oh shit, I didn't even clue in that your name was the one associated with that challenge!
2/20/2015 c1 jon reeve
I know I've read at least one story that was a response to this challenge, but the title's not coming to me.
11/12/2014 c1 Guest
Da lovely
8/9/2014 c1 Guest
Faery Heroes by Silently Watches - Fic based on this Challenge.
11/10/2012 c1 Virginia I
I find a spelling error in your Santa challenge sets up a honest to gods crack fic. It says and I quote: Santa to give him incredible power boots each.

Yes! Bring on taking back the wizarding world with incredible power boots! Imagine the crack possibilities. Literally gonna put a boot up Voldewarts bum.
6/26/2012 c1 loretta537
this is a good story, do you have a list of the stories based on the challenge?
4/12/2012 c1 I Read For the Content

10/2/2011 c1 14Dethryl
Dear Merlin... Well done, sir.
5/21/2011 c1 8red neo ranger
very good loved it keep it up
5/5/2011 c1 7Spartan Ninja
This story had me laughing so hard my face hurt. I'm still going through fits of giggles. Awesome job man.
4/20/2011 c1 1merylx
Luna is my FAVORITE person in the Harry Potter Fandom and you portrayed her brilliantly! Loved it :) -merylx
12/14/2010 c1 2fhl1234
lol Hilarious!
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