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for Naruto: From Beginning To End

3/28 c2 Guest
Love it
5/26/2019 c2 Rcm11
1/8/2013 c2 6Deta Henkan
Very sweet, very cute. Loved it all. I was confused at first when it said 1 sentence drabble but was very much pleased that you did expand upon it, as your Author's Note on the first chapter explained. It added a whole lot more to each drabble/experience.
9/25/2011 c1 Guest
what have you been smoking? - ans to your poll ;)
1/11/2011 c2 192Shipperwolf
heya-i'm pretty new to reading naruto ff, and even moreso to this couple, but i find i like them alot. I really enjoy reading your works on them, please write more!
1/4/2011 c2 4diamond vision
i love them... your idea of telling a life story with the morals and memmorial subjects... you are so creative... and i hope i could read more beautiful then these after also ... b'coz i felt being as a writer i amo where to ur extent... u r truely good
4/7/2010 c2 20Waifine
Again: loved everything. But shall pluck at a few.

“Blood” could have been gory and nasty and you just made it wonderful. “Melody” was wonderful, and very nice to invasion, given Gaara’s voice. “Home” was cute – Kankuro is snort worthy. “Confusion” was just… so entirely Gaara. XD “Fear”… made shivers run up and down my spine. Apart from delving a little more deeply into Gaara’s – Shukaku’s – mind, it did a wonderful job of explaining what did or did not happen in the free year gap between Naruto and Shippuuden. Wonderful snippet. “Lightning/Thunder” just made me blink. And then smile a little. Because his nervousness of being helpless… is just so human and makes so much sense. “Market:” They can fly! “Technology”… again, I could SEE that happening. “Gift” made me happy. “Clouds:” I really like ShikaTema, so the shout-out made me happy! (Though the past tense did not.) “Sun” was just funny and quirky! “Supernova” was fantastic, as was everyone’s reactions. “Steam” was sensual and lovely.

And now I’m excited for your milti-chapter story~ You write incredible stuff!
4/7/2010 c1 Waifine
Usually I write down the number of every single piece I liked and write what I liked about it. Problem here: I absolutely adored everything here. I’ll pick a few, but it’s an arbitrary pick. You write Gaara and Mastusi so beautifully~

“Soft” was adorable, as was “Rain.” “Chocolate” was, ironically, bitter sweet. “Ears” was fantastic – because I happen to know someone like that. And “Name” just made me grin at how you wrote their first encounter~ “Death” gave me a sense of foreboding. “Sex” just made me feel so entirely /happy/ for Gaara! Your way of describing that Gaara didn’t hate “Touch,” he was simply unaccustomed to it, made everything very in character and wonderful, as did his confusion at “Tears.” “Freedom” made me smirk just because… Kankuro fails. And he’s awesome. Yet still he fails. And Gaara is sweet and wonderful and confused.

Besides that, I really liked how, throughout the entire experience, Shukaku is always there. You interlaced his presence into their lives very skillfully.

Every single sentence and prompt was fantastic. You’re amazing, and I hope you write more to these two (plush Shukaku~).
6/27/2009 c2 crystalwolfberri
oh, this one was adorable. Matsuri and Gaara can be so clueless yet cute at times! haha :)
5/8/2009 c2 4leogirl321
aw can you write a sequal please please please please please please please please please please please please please please i beg of you this is awesome please make a sequal
2/26/2009 c2 18Mooncatcher
Once again, you've managed to pull off all those prompts uniquely and beautifully.You are a godsend. Also, I love how you've interpreted my 'steam' prompt! You've done everything amazingly well, especially when addressing the aspects of Gaara and Matsuri's relationship. :D
2/25/2009 c2 16Demitri Ivanov
Number 50 was a really good read, and I'm glad you made Gaara human to show that he does care about Matsuri, despite his position in the sand village. ^^
2/2/2009 c1 72Verboten Byacolate
I think I like 4 the best so far. It's very real, and very Gaara.

6 was incredibly adorable. My face went all (X3)

8 Was just... lovely. Gaara is so patient. So ideal.

10: BOHAHAHA! Gaara le pooch!

16: Matsuri is so brave!

20: X3 Gaara is just so cute. "What do you mean, Older-but-perhaps-not-wiser Brother?" X3 And his faithfulness (or rather, not his "multiple lovers," ahurr) is extremely attractive, and so like Gaara.


I apologize for having taken so long to read this, Onee-chama. I will try to glance upon your lovely page much more often in the future. T-T

Your faithful anything,

1/29/2009 c1 16Demitri Ivanov
This is all pretty good. I liked the Jealousy, Devotion, and Freedom drabbles ^_~
1/19/2009 c1 Naruchan34
Your stories are so awesome! I love all of them, I can't believe that you write so many of them with your busy life! Keep up the good work!
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