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9/17/2012 c1 10Lady Avotil

Well, you seem to be off to an interesting start. But unless you plan on bringing Mina and Van Helsing together by the end of the fight with Dacula, then there is no point in writing more chapters - better eave it as a one-shot in that case._

I like what you've written so far, though, so great job!_
10/2/2011 c1 8WrittenOnTheSubwayWalls
Love this with all my heart.
2/6/2009 c1 43miikka-xx
Your writing style is amazing!

Everody is in character and Van Helsing is a delight to read.

He seems to react exactly how one would when faced with Mina, who is also very nicely decribed.

I can't wait to read more from you!
1/6/2009 c1 121Assimbya
This story is wonderfully quiet and sad, and I really like your perception of Van Helsing.
12/29/2008 c1 21RipperBlackstaff
*sighs* Ah good VanHelsing/Mina Canon action ! God bless you and I hope chapter 2 will be up soon !

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