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3/17 c21 CloverDuck
I've really enjoyed watching Harry grow through this story. So many Slytherin Harry stories make him into someone he's not but this is a very believable progression. I loved his flirtation with the dark arts only to learn how damaging they are and pull himself back. I also love how he grows to empathize more with the adults with time and the burdens they try to bare for others.

Your Dumbledore is so spot on. Every line could have been from the original books it was so spot on.

Don't know if you'll every return to this story but I'd be so excited to see what 7th year brings.
3/14 c21 Vit Bur
This is a really great story!
3/7 c14 1MandoWalker
He is such a coward in this chapter omg
3/6 c1 falco5
Highly impressive. The feeling of this story changes quite a lot as it goes on, which is due mostly to the unusual but quite interesting "number of chapters per year is the number of the year" structure. So in the early going, there's a lot of things omitted and glossed over, whereas the later years get a more traditional "watch Harry go through the year" treatment.

The strongest work here is done in its serious treatment of wartime strategy, sacrifice, and compromise. In particular, I think Dumbledore is a true standout, and the way that Harry's perceptions of his Headmaster shift over time – and the way those perceptions correspond and then differ to various canon/fanon conventions – creates one of his best characterizations I've seen in fanfiction. (It reminds me a lot of the excellent Dumbledore in the excellent PATRON, by starfox5.) The development of Dumbedore is intertwined with Harry's growing understanding of dark magic, which is given an unusually nuanced role that emerges rather unexpectedly in the later chapters.

If I were to complain about anything, it is probably Harry's political positioning. He is too decisive and too often sure of himself in his dealings with the Ministry, for it to be reasonably attributed to a 14-15 year old. There is too much time spent on his ingratiation with the Ministry for too little payoff in terms of both plot and characterization.

If, like me, you are typically drawn to stories in this fandom with explicit romances, be advised that the initial A/N is largely accurate in claiming that romance plays a small part in the story. There are mostly offscreen relationships between supporting characters, while Harry is given some relatively short lived – rather believably sketched, in fact – dalliances with unusual partners. If you are someone who is turned off by a particular pairing, you are most likely in safe waters here.
3/6 c21 Guest
Just found this story. The best part of the story is the absence of Ron and the minimalization of Ginny.
2/21 c21 Yukino-chan
Omg! I am so hoping for another update! Maybe this year?
2/15 c21 Jim Marks
What an amazing read, I hope to all the gods you finish this story. It’s great and you are an amazing writer.
2/14 c17 9AraelDranoth
Brilliant work as always. Thoroughly enjoyable read.
2/14 c14 AraelDranoth
This was an absolute masterpiece of a chapter. Well done!
2/13 c11 AraelDranoth
Brilliant stuff.
2/12 c21 HalfBlood Prince
This is so disappointing, the only difference in Harry is the color of his uniform, he keeps acting like a reackless gryffindor.
2/10 c21 Guest
Thank you for this story, it is very well written and I enjoyed the character developments. I am looking forward to see the ending of your fanfic.
2/9 c4 AraelDranoth
Cool scene with Malfoy and the snakes.
2/9 c2 AraelDranoth
The idea that the Slytherins might consider Harry an heir rather than THE heir is an interesting one. I also appreciate Harry showing his cunning streak even when he's panicked. Very Slytherin. I approve.
2/9 c1 AraelDranoth
I enjoyed this. I felt really bad for Hermione and I was also hoping that Harry would get a little more stuck into the Slytherin politics but this was still very good.
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