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2/22 c12 Dr. Valentine
I like how despite Ron and Harry not being friends or even friendly, you didn't turn Ron into a joke or even bash him. He's still very much Ron, and still very much a human.
2/22 c10 Dr. Valentine
How very Slytherin of him, to project a false persona and use their trust and admiration for his own good.
2/11 c21 7Nock and Bolt
This has been in my favorites and follows for years, just reread the whole thing again because it’s so ridiculously good and captivating like legit I binged this fic so hard and lost so much sleep lol it’s not even funny—I definitely understand life be life, but it’d make my and many others’ absolute year if you finished this story, and we’ll be here in case you ever do update. If not, this was still a fantastic story and it’s nice it does end with something of an ‘ending’ (at least to 6th year) with some semblance of closure. Seriously, though, my dude, a supremely impeccable well done on this story.
2/7 c21 NamelessWanderer6
Rest In Peace, Dumbledore, Rest In Peace. I do not have the heart to go on about how much I loved this chapter but I will that it was perfect, just perfect.
2/7 c19 NamelessWanderer6
These last two chapters have been overwhelming but still good. I just feel so bad for Harry, he’s dealing with way too much shit and with everybody constantly doubting I would not be surprised if he went dark. Although I am sure he is aware of that as well. There are so many unexpected relationships in this story that I like. From Cedric and Harry’s friendship where Cedric is Harry’s moral compass to Harry and the Ministers political alliance. Very cool.
2/7 c16 NamelessWanderer6
Great chapter. Love the political maneuvering Harry is doing with the ministry. I feel like there are bigger and bigger changes that are adding up but nonetheless Canon is largely being adhered to, idk to feel about that. I mean even as the finer details of the story are different from canon. Voldemort has still returned the same way he does in canon to life and into the public sphere. The horcrux hunt has began, Dumbledore is dying and Snape is a spy. Underneath all of this there are differences building up but I wonder if they’ll be enough to change things for the better or for the worse.
2/7 c15 NamelessWanderer6
Based Harry, I love how Harry is taking charge of his own affairs in a way that is not unrealistic or exaggerated. He is still a 15 year old but whatever strengths he has, he is willing to play them to his maximum benefit like his fame and love by the general populace. I also love the way that Harry’s slytheriness is not being shied away from or diminished, one hand he is not a Pureblood supremacist but neither does he have inherent ideological objections to them except that genocide is bad.
2/7 c14 NamelessWanderer6
My mind is too overloaded on greatness to talk about this chapter. That being said I wonder what would’ve happened if Dumbledore had been trying to kill Tom, I think he would’ve succeeded at destroying his corporeal form although not his soul because of the horcruxes. Regardless though, it would give Harry the time to build his own magical power as well as his followers and allies strength. The ministry would also have receive time to purge itself of death eaters and build up its military force. This scenario is fun to think about but I’ve learned to never underestimate Dumbledore’s ability to fuck things up and be generally naive and incompetent and tbh this sort of clear minded thinking was never on the table with a senile senior like him at the helm. Excellent chapter, too tired to go over allllll the many things I enjoyed.
2/7 c13 NamelessWanderer6
Wowza, great chapter.
Magic mushrooms, huh, I’ve never considered what their affects on magic would be, very cool.
2/7 c12 NamelessWanderer6
RIP Mr Weasley, honestly not shocking at all in hindsight with Harry no longer having a soul shard of Voldemort stuck inside of him. That being said I still terrible for the Weasleys, the aftermath of his death was delivered in a very realistic manner. And I had just been enjoying the political intrigue of the Fifth year so much… now I longer have the heart to talk about it but I will reassure that it was all great, I honestly liked everything about this chapter. At the end of last chapter, I was worried that the pacing was too slow and not enough was happening but reading this chapter all my fears were erased, this chapter just feels like the calm before the storm.
2/7 c11 NamelessWanderer6
Dumbledore and the Ministry’s coddling is unbearably annoying, I can understand the insane logic of Fudge and his followers, death eaters or not but Dumbledore is doing a fine job at being a similarly huge dunderhead as Fudge in a way that is very true to his character. I just loved the drama and tension at Sirius’s place, very entertaining especially Snape and Sirius competing for Harry’s trust and whatnot. I do feel bad for Sirius though, he is never going to come close to having the loving bond with Harry here as he had in canon. Good chapter.
2/6 c10 NamelessWanderer6
What an amazing chapter, I have so many things to say about it. I cannot put into words how satisfying and natural Harry’s convo with his parents felt, so I won’t bother. All I’ll say is that I felt like I was reading something J K Rowling had actually written and I mean that as a compliment, I think you captured the spirit of her writing wonderfully. Moving on, I’m glad that Cedric is alive and well, seeing throughout the story just be a nice guy, I was worried about his ultimate fate. I also think that the end of 4th year is the perfect inflection point for Harry’s power to grow exponentially, He knows his past, he knows without a doubt that he must defeat Voldemort now to ensure his future and he knows what waits for him in death and yet despite it all he chooses to come back to life and face everything head-on anyway. This is probably the most crucial piece of character development that he will get this entire story and I love it. His conversation with Luna at the end and him facing the great hall was just such a cinematic scene, PURE KINO. In my head, Linken Parks song What I’ve done was playing like right out of a 2007 movie, lmao, loved it, the Slytherin Common Room scene was also pure kino. Just kino all around. BEST chapter yet, I expect things to cool down for a while before they begin to escalate again at a very rapid pace. Very excited for what comes next, kudos to you dear author and your excellent beta. (:(:(:
2/6 c9 NamelessWanderer6
GASP, what next. Honestly this whole chapter was Haunting but Great. Harry got so close to uncovering it all but as soon as Barty Crouch Jr beat him, it was over, his doom was inevitable.
2/6 c8 NamelessWanderer6
Very entertaining chapter, I enjoyed all the banter and dialogue between everyone, very well written and entertaining from Harry and the Slytherins subterfuge in the main hall to all the Yule ball talk. For the first time in all my years of reading HP fanfiction, Padma is a likeable character among many others. Harry and the gang being confused about what Crouch is up to was not as frustrating as it could’ve been, I don’t blame them for not having guessed what’s happpening right now. But when everything blows over, I hope Harry and the gang get to making a better, improved Marauders Map, although it’s probably not going to happen, it’s a nice thought to have. Also, at this point in this story, I am only mildly worried about Harry reaching greatness or not. I like how he is improving his magic is some areas but is not made into some OP prodigy. At the same time though, I do think it is crucial for his development, that his magical growth noticeably pick up this year and then further into the rest of his Hogwart years, with Voldemorts full return only a few months away it is essential that Harry grow stronger ASAP not just so that he can beat Tom but also so that he attains ‘Greatness.’ By the end of this whole story, Harry should be a powerful player in his own right, probably not on the level of Dumbledore or Tom but powerful nonetheless. Good chapter.
2/6 c7 NamelessWanderer6
Based Padma, really all of Harry’s friends are growing on me. Good chapter.
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