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2/6 c6 NamelessWanderer6
I really sympathize with Harry, in a way this whole drama with Sirius ended in the most unsatisfying way possible for him. Sirius was able to threaten him and get way from him alive and then it turns out that Sirius is innocent and that some rando Peter was the real traitor and that also Lupin was Harry’s dads friend but Lupin for some reason didn’t feel the need to tell Harry that? Very frustrating situation for Harry but satisfying to read about, I hope this whole affair motivates Harry to become even more independent and what not. Also I am curious to see what ultimately ends up being the fate of Sirius, he’s achieved his revenge at the cost of never being able to prove himself fully innocent, also Harry now hates him as well, his own godson. On a more positive note, Harry’s friend group is coming along very nicely. I honestly like them all, the gryfindors and the slytherins. Blaise is the character I’m most suprised I like because I’ve never particularly cared for him before but his love of History has sealed his position as one of my favourite characters in this story. Excellent chapter, I love how this story is spiraling into something larger and more complex by the year. Maybe the unique, narrative structure was not a bad idea after all… Can’t wait for fourth year, literally I was gonna stop here because it’s 2 am and I have school tomorrow but I don’t think my self control is that good, lol.
2/6 c5 NamelessWanderer6
Cozy chapter.
2/6 c4 NamelessWanderer6
All of Harry’s developing friendships are very cute but especially Neville and Harry’s friendship, it caught me some what off guard for some reason, how close they are becoming with Harry staying over at Neville’s house and all during summer. Good chapter.
2/6 c3 NamelessWanderer6
Wow, amazing chapter. I admit this story is growing on me. I wonder what it’ll mean for Harry to be so aware of his similarities to Tom Riddle, right now he seems eager to reject him but I guess we’ll just have to see what the future holds…
Also on another note, I am less bothered than I thought I would be by the fact that you skipped over Tom and Harry’s fight. Maybe it would’ve just been redundant but anyway I think the whole chamber of secrets affair was dealt with well enough. I wonder how Ron’s attitude towards Harry is going to change now.
2/5 c2 NamelessWanderer6
Good chapter but I think Harry is a little to obsesssed with power dynamics for a 12 year old. Also, I wonder what happened to the Philosopher Stone back in first year, I’m just gonna assume Dumbledore dealt with that.
2/5 c1 NamelessWanderer6
I liked the writing in this chapter but what I don’t understand is why the author decided to limit themselves to this sort of story structure? I mean 1 chapter for year 1, 2 chapters for year2 and so on and so forth. There are so many relationships that Harry develops in this one year, so much drama that occurs and we get to see almost non of it. No scenes with Bulstrode and Harry, or Adrian and Harry and the list could go on and on. No duels between Malloy and Harry as well. All of these scenes should be especially crucial to Harry’s development and they are completely breezed over. That aside, the writing is still of a sufficient enough quality to keep me reading. It’s just my one complaint for this chapter and probably for the rest of the story is going to be the pacing. I understand that it is a quirk unique to this story but it still pisses me off. Anyway good enough chapter, 7/10.
1/25 c1 LennyFaceSupplier
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1/18 c16 Guest
Sry but i just dont see the "way to greatness" in this fic. Harry gets shafted all the time and i get that hes studing and improving, but neither do we see him doing it nor do we see that change anything.
12/25/2023 c21 Guest
This is one of the best fanfics I have read so far
12/19/2023 c21 Guest
This is very interesting
12/19/2023 c21 Guest
When you updated this after 10 years it was one of the happiest moments in my recent memory. I will never give up on this story—I just hope I live to see it finished one day.

Wishing you a happy holiday season! I hope you’re welll, and finding joy out in life.
12/14/2023 c21 1Potter Abducted by Penguins
Are you ever going to finish this story?
12/9/2023 c11 Clover
Petunia losing her soul hurt surprisingly much, seeing as I hate her. Such are the complicated feelings around abuse.
Harry is very ootp here, thinks he knows best always (eyeroll).
I'm excited to see how the Ron - Harry dynamic progresses...
very interesting to see how harry interacts with dilores differently here...
also his manipulative abilities are disturbing...
but like I totally get his anger especially when people are like 'why is he so blank like that' like girl (i guess dumbledore?) you left him in an abusive household for over a decade then four years in the most fucked up school house ever lmaooooooo.
So I get his anger, it's just sad to see him shut people out when they really do love him :'(
12/9/2023 c10 Clover
Okay also the bit where Harry talks about the feeling of not being able to trust his memories, just... *shudder*


also also him slipping up about Sirius and not caring anymore :0 I hope this means they can reconcile! but also it hurts. I want him to be able to care about 'less important' things as well
12/9/2023 c10 Clover
Lily saying "it's just a baby" oh my heart :,( /3
Cedric and Harry making up!
Very interesting exploration of wizards vs logic (a la 1st year/ Hermione solving the potions logic puzzle)
Choosing to live !
it sounds so exhausting what Harry is doing now! I really want to see him snap :)
It is interesting that Harry doesn't think of himself as noble when he still does very many noble things/ has his own moral code...
REALLY cool chapter!
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