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for Can I Have this Dance

9/9/2020 c7 Rae
update please
its been over 11 years
7/15/2009 c7 6kataragurl27
I like it alot.
4/3/2009 c7 leahd0513
YAY! You updated! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I can't wait for the next update!
4/1/2009 c7 19Writer Rider Dirty Thirties
update soon.
3/29/2009 c6 leahd0513
What happened to the updates? I want to know what happens
3/16/2009 c6 pinkcrazyness
please update soon
2/1/2009 c1 1shaybay55
1/22/2009 c5 5SweetRae21
Update please
1/19/2009 c5 19Writer Rider Dirty Thirties
update soon!
1/18/2009 c5 Maya Aquaria
It's a little short, but it was great all the same. UPDATE soon!
1/18/2009 c5 AwesomelyOutrageousDyme
o that was so

god i loved it

can't wait for the update

that just rhymed so

funni awesome

it was so good
1/18/2009 c5 1Linzerb83
hey! I just discovered this story! its really good! please try to update soon! I wanna know what happens between Troy and Sharpay. Is Miss Darbus going to get the two together? o so many possibilities...

1/17/2009 c5 beach.lover.510
omg that was great so wuts goin 2 happen wit ms darbus now? post more soon please =]
1/11/2009 c4 3efronluvz
1/9/2009 c4 Maya Aquaria
Oh no, what's going to happen? KYA, update soon!
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