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1/12/2012 c3 6Bobo's Donuts
This is a really good idea, and I've enjoyed every second.

Well done!

Riley Erin :)
6/2/2009 c3 restinpace
I think I started this story a while ago. I remember the Ginny chapter at least. And I'm pretty sure I remember the Bill one too. I never read Luna's though and I really enjoyed it. You just keep writing because so far I like all your stories.
1/29/2009 c3 98Jess.91
Hey, didn't even know you had a new story. OK, well I like the concept, its unique and interesting. Loved Ginny's chapter, and the characters were right, too. I liked the little things in Bill's chapter, his worry, the insight into the time Ron was away, the little story about breaking his leg, and his relationship with Fleur.

As for Luna, this was heartbreaking. I can't imagine what it must be like, not knowing night and day, worrying about everyone, being looked away in the dark. But you conveyed it all pretty well, so well done.
1/16/2009 c3 178Ramzes
God, you got Luna right on the spot! As you know, she's one of my favourite characters, but I don't dare try to write something about her, not yet. I'm glad you did, though. I loved the way she kept her strength and refused to lose her spirits. Good job.
1/11/2009 c3 FinnFiona
Oh, Luna... how I adore her! It's very nice to see her included here, and her sombre attitude behind the usual Luna-esque front is still very believable while giving her more visible depth. And Ollivander... well, I'm glad you didn't make it easy. I particularly like that little glimpse of Draco-he might be an interesting one to do as well. Whatever you work on next, though, will be excellent-I'm sure!
1/10/2009 c3 taylorxxsue
I love Luna.

Great job

1/10/2009 c3 9melissaeverlasting
This was a lot different than I'd expected, but it was fantastic all the same. This shows the silver lining in the dark times, which is really needed. The end is funny as well! Can't wait for more (of anything) from you!

1/10/2009 c3 16HourglassGluedToTheTable

Aw...this is sad. Luna has alwys been the happy, odd, fun one...and now she is miserable too. At least she has someone to talk to.

Please continue your story!

Great work

1/10/2009 c1 HourglassGluedToTheTable

Aw! That was soo cute, at the end. I love little cute, not funny moments the twins have. I mean, they can't ALWAYS be cheerful and funny, so I like it when I see a different side.

Great work

1/3/2009 c2 taylorxxsue
I think you got it perfect.

I loved it :)

1/3/2009 c1 taylorxxsue
Awhh :(

I loved it


12/30/2008 c2 9melissaeverlasting
A wonderful second chapter. My heart ached for Ron, just thinking what must have been going through his head at this time. I also feel that I got closer with Bill, who I've never known much about before. Awesome job, update (well, any story, really, I love them all!) ASAP! :)

12/30/2008 c1 melissaeverlasting

I really hope you didn't think I wasn't going to review this story (gr... Double negative, but I don't know how to say it otherwise), because I said I would review anything you write, and I will. I felt horrible every day I had to leave this in my inbox unread, but life can get hectic. Anyway, at least I'm reading now! It's very well-written, and I really like the character development and detailed feelings you've incorporated. And lucky for me, there's another chapter to read!

12/30/2008 c2 178Ramzes
A convincing view of Ron's lonely Christmas, I really like it. Do you intend to keep it on?
12/29/2008 c1 4sophia666
I loved this. Fred and George, who are great big brothers, and Ginny, who wants to give them a break, and it's all terrifying for them. Great writing.
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