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for Seussical the Musical Kingdom Hearts Style

3/6/2016 c1 matthew collins
captain a sir hikaranko's kingdom hearts novelization hasn't updated since 2008. could you please nag him to finish atlantica?
12/31/2008 c3 DancesWithBadgers
This is one of my favorite songs (I have a soft spot for It's possible, though)

According to this I'd be Kadaj, that was my favorite line cause I got to come out before my friend.

I still have the oufit somewhere, pink and camo camo pants, a teeshirt with a monkey on it, pink sunglasses, and a pink beret that would always fall off.

My friend still makes fun of me cause I absolutly detest pink. And cause that hat fell off during a show. And cause in the program we were the Wickersham siblings and the Whickersham Brother in the show, 'cause i'm a girl. And cause I couldn't do the one part of the dance.

Now that I think about it he's not a very good friend

Good job!

Update Soon!
12/29/2008 c1 31Tohokari-Steel
Hey, Cap. Better post your alternate dimension fic fast. If you wanna keep your deadline, you'd better put it up within two days.
12/29/2008 c1 DancesWithBadgers
Ohh, Suessical!

We did this show a couple of years ago,

I was one the monkeys, thats how I met my best friend, even though I couldn't stand him back then.

Fun show,

my cousin was the mayor, my one friend was the sour kangaroo, and my other friend was a bird girl.

aah, good times, good times.

Keep going this is interesting!

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