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5/12/2015 c1 4Spitfire303
12/15/2012 c1 killer4853
luv the story
2/26/2012 c1 18Harm Marie
12/19/2011 c1 Mishelle20
Very sweet.
8/18/2011 c1 127messersmontana
Thought I'd start with the first story and read them all. I love this one and can't wait for the next story.
7/25/2010 c1 csimesser1
that was great loved it ♥
3/25/2010 c1 16Kristin4
Interesting story... good work.
12/31/2008 c1 61Aimlessly Unknown
Very nicely done. The Parker/Eliot thing is sure to be a big hit with a lot of people, including me. Your detail and work of making them as fully grown thieves letting it go for a while to be like kids (very...frisky kids but kids none the less) is better than most could have done.

Your detail was perfect for this story, as well as your aspect that they would exchange cheap gifts since it was a last minute little thing that just kind of happened.

I applaud you Signora Selene. (Yes I speak Italian, sue me!)


12/30/2008 c1 Bellerose
It is a cute story. I love how you added Parker and Eliot. They are quickly becoming my new favorite couple, along with Sophia and Nate.
12/30/2008 c1 11Flyawayhome624
Cute story, I like the idea of Parker and Eliot together.
12/30/2008 c1 3Dahlia Faith Black
lol that was cute and sappy, but I'm in a cute and sappy mood at the moment:) It was a lovely little fic. It's too early in the series to start telling who's gonna be with who, but I like Eliot and Parker together, so kudos!

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