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10/27/2020 c21 QueenGB
I loved it all of it and them too. I am surprised they named their baby after her husband who committed suicide who Edward did not know. Edward truly is the sweetest man because that’s odd. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Be well and stay safe wherever you are.
10/26/2020 c16 QueenGB
I love this chapter too but you messed Bella up but good. Did you break her femur? That’s a brutal break to have. All the blood and the cuts that ripped up her back. The scarring that will happen. The big chunk of hair gone. I mean could Renee have spoken with something a little less traumatic for me? :-) it was action packed though and her claiming Edward and asking grandpa to go fishing broke me into tears.
10/26/2020 c15 QueenGB
Jeeze how fucked up is Bella going to be from that fall? So will little Renee use the key Edward gave her after she finds her mommy or did Edward hear her fall?
10/26/2020 c14 QueenGB
Yes your baby is your priority! BUT you don’t give up the man you love and his undying support. You talk to the Dr. and try to work him into the therapy somehow. Renee has to find a way past this and not be sheltered. It’s not an easy road but one they shouldn’t take alone. I think all 4 of them are good for each other.
10/26/2020 c13 QueenGB
I’m happy to experience the diversity of jobs, people and places in this chapter. New characters too no Jessica or Lauren or Mike. Well done.
10/26/2020 c11 QueenGB
I feel like Tanya just wanted a doctor or out of the marriage because if your man is happy in his work, loving what he does and is a devoted husband and father who makes good money where is the problem? She wanted a prestigious doctor like his father and he wanted a complete life. Sounds like he and Bella are better suited. Thank fuck for that.
10/26/2020 c10 QueenGB
I think I wanted to know this story because I knew this story. And I do except it was a brother-in-law and a nephew and he was 6 not 3 and the method was far worse. I cried the whole freaking chapter. I’m still freaking crying. It was sad, deep and full of catharsis. Thank you? Sigh. Wow. Horrible ending indeed.
10/26/2020 c9 QueenGB
So were Mike and Sheila watching from their window? Hehe. I hope he remembered that condom and the rain didn’t distract him. Lovely and the I love you’d are out there now...?
10/26/2020 c8 QueenGB
Don’t really care about Rose and Emmett what’s up with Bella and Renee’s story. :-)
10/26/2020 c7 QueenGB
Did he commit suicide or overdose? Come on the suspense is killing me. Also what a nice break Tanya being a non problem...so far. ;-) Did Carlisle recognize Renee or did he just read a file? Are we going to meet gruff Charlie? Questions. Questions.
10/26/2020 c6 QueenGB
Okay way are Bella and Rosalie so paranoid. I thought Jacob was dead is there another treat or is this just the overall teams from whatever happened? Do we have to wait for her to share with Edward to find out.
10/26/2020 c5 QueenGB
I like that Bella and Edward are older. They aren’t ancient people only late 30s jeeze. It lends itself to experience in life, love, hurt and their children’s ages. Plus they are still young enough to have a baby together...hint, hint. So Jacob died? What else hmmm?
10/26/2020 c3 QueenGB
I read your summary again based on Edward and Renee’s first meeting and she seems to be comfortable with him but I guess time will tell. And so will what Jacob did to them I guess. If Rosalie is a successful interior designer why couldn’t she get Bella a dining room table? :-) Honestly I don’t know why I care (haha) details I guess.
10/26/2020 c2 QueenGB
My goodness what did Jacob do to them. I love that Renee is finally actually a child of Bella’s. I don’t t think I’ve ever read that character set up before. Bloody brilliant!
8/17/2020 c22 fanfictionalcolic
Thanks for sharing
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