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for Broken Ties

3/11/2013 c4 1countryheart
I love it! I hope you update soon!
6/12/2011 c4 1ShezzaBoo0233
i absolutely love your story. i really hope you try and write again soon. really it would be worth finishing. Goodluck writing. Ciao, Sheridan.
1/16/2011 c4 3QuntisForever
Love it write very soon
9/25/2010 c4 25love109
love it so far. plz update again soon
8/19/2010 c4 DareToRead 25
I Love it so far and hope you update quickly! One thing; 5'10 is not short at all. Im 5' and done growing. Great story!
6/23/2010 c4 Vicki-Jasper-Whitlock
love it so far! update x♥
2/26/2010 c4 Erulastiel-Ithilwen
update asap!
2/12/2010 c4 1Wolfgirl82
OMG! Really good! Please write more soon!
8/23/2009 c4 jcap1526
I like where this is going, and I LOVE Bella's bike. Please update soon! Don't forget us please
4/22/2009 c4 8xSpencer-Rose
3/21/2009 c4 4Black Fire Neko
i love bella i love what you did to her lol great job i can't wait for the next chapter
3/18/2009 c4 becca xx
update update please
3/10/2009 c4 Bellawish2b
i have been waiting FOREVER for this update not this one, but chapter 5



update asap


2/24/2009 c4 2Saucy-Stacey
Great Story! I love what you have done with this and you have totally kept everyone in character... well what they totally would be if they were human lol. Anyways UPDATE SOON!
2/2/2009 c4 4Nudge-LostintheDark
Emmett seems like a horndog... more than other stories i've read. hmm... it seems interesting. I like it so far and hope that there's more Emmett POVs and Emmett period. lol.

Is Jake gonna be an issue in this story? I hope not. I don't like him... But he is pretty hott in the movie huh? Lol

I can't wait for the next chapter. It was really good. Better than a lot of the other Bella/Emmett stories.

Oh, by the way, you have a few spelling and grammar mistakes. I noticed them as I read through the chapters.
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