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5/22 c5 geenakmom
This was a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing this with us.
10/28/2021 c4 3Steve-Arkarian
My questions/comments/observations that I haven't put in a review for this story so far.

Chapter 3:
Harry saying the Grangers were who he wanted to model his family after (even before they reconciled and still placed the rule that Hermione needed to reconcile with her mom before her dad would even consider trying).

Why does Luna freely let Evan, a practical stranger who is also older and male, hug and kiss her on the forehead yet still has trouble hugging Harry who she is very close to?

Chapter 4:
Estates: mentioned Lovegood and Potter, what happened to Black?
10/28/2021 c3 Steve-Arkarian
The story is good but there is something in this chapter that absolutely irritate me.

1. Even though as a reader I can guess the things are going to work out, the whole you have to work things out with your mom or I'm not even going to try bullshit. Like a parent is going to completely give up a chance to even try and reconcile with their kid if the other parent doesn't. I realize that this happens in real life too but it's something that pisses me off.
10/19/2021 c1 Mastersgtjames
As this is written, the characters, the way they form sentences and speak to one another, feel wrong. Like, they do not 'read' as the characters. Their age, their behavior, their speech patterns, and word choices. This feels like Shakespeare in the park, but modernized where you have gangsters, thugs, and stuff speaking in ye olde English. It's just kinda disjointed and does not "click" for me when reading it.
9/9/2021 c4 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great (re)read! Very nicely done.
8/21/2021 c3 Guest
"Before I am willing to accept you as a daughter again, you need to convince me that I am your mother.

Parents that need to be convinced to accept their children aren't parents worth having.
7/29/2021 c5 10RevDorothyL
Thank you for this sensitive, gripping, ultimately oh-so-life-affirming story about wounded people working together to find their way, help one another face their difficulties, and build a an extended family by blood and choice.
5/22/2021 c1 bgreenfl
A sweet and quirky story ... much like Luna herself.

I must admit, though, like some others, the quantity of grammar errors, mis-spellings, etc. do detract from the enjoyment.
5/14/2021 c5 KnowInsight
Great story with great character development and a new plot I've not seen before. I also like the new Ron and the support he gets from Hannah to take to time to come to his own decisions.
3/25/2021 c5 MadManWithAHat
This is the fluffiest fluff that i ever wished to fluff...but can i have some more luna fluff to enjoy?
3/23/2021 c5 HoneyBear84
Love it
3/11/2021 c5 Chyllen
Its good a book worth reading
2/18/2021 c5 4fundaore
9/8/2020 c5 odonnellzoo99
There was a lot that I liked here. Everything about the Heart's Home garden part of the plot worked for me. I like Harry X Hermione. I like Harry X Luna. Most Lunar Harmony works fine for me too, but there were just parts of the three way romance in this story this just didn't work for me. Maybe it was the fact that they were professing that it was a balance of 3 relationships, but it didn't come across that way. I'm really not sure. Overall, I liked the story.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
7/23/2020 c1 Ryan
Nicely done, normally I can't keep myself interested with this much dialogue on love, but in this story it fit. Good ending too.
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