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1/11/2014 c3 nightcrawler
i think the begining is good. you should give yourself some time to plan out what will hapen because i really liked it i know its easy and theres a lot of presher if a lot of people want to read .give yourself some time!
4/12/2013 c1 Guest
Noomii's story is against fanfiction rules. Fanfiction say that MST (characters commenting on their books) is not allowed. Because of people like Noomii, Fanfiction is in trouble. Report her before it's too late.
Hurry and save Fanfiction.
11/12/2011 c3 12nightfuries
I think it's too bad you're not writing this anymore. I really liked it!
5/20/2011 c2 Guest
Great so far! I like it, and I'm interested to see what happens! I'm also wondering if Wolverine will be in this, seeing as you haven't mentionned him yet. Please update soon!
7/13/2010 c1 1Beanheart
This is me here, getting comfortable.

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