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for Uchiha Brat

6/16/2019 c1 8Ai Huiyuan
That’s kinda cute and sad. Nice story!
7/3/2018 c1 Noradin
I think it was pretty spot on except the last part.
I always suspected Itachi of sending hints to Jiraiya all the time.
8/14/2016 c1 einargs
A completely brilliant little snippet.
6/17/2016 c1 palmtreehead
Sad, to think Jiraiya could have had the clues and ignored them because Orichimaru's betrayal cost him his faith in his own judgment. Thanks for sharing
2/16/2016 c1 3Riddle7777
Aww this is so cute! I hope you continue with it sometime. Just one more snippet!
10/30/2012 c1 creativesm75
8/16/2012 c1 The Darkest wizard
This is a good and interseting one shot.
9/8/2010 c1 5Glass.Paradox
This was a pretty good read, esp. for something so short. Your characterization of Itachi is a little hard to believe (he doesn't seem nearly as confident as someone in his position, even as a child would be). On the other hand, Jiraiya is on the mark.
1/13/2010 c1 5whiterae
I liked it. It's completely possible and doesn't mess with the timeline. You should write more about Jiraiya's interactions with other characters like this.
10/11/2009 c1 6Maimaktes
Oh! Jiraiya love! *om nom nom nom nom nom*


Nice characterization here, methinks yo've got Jiraiya down pat. And very nice plot-bunny, I can perfectly see things happen this way.

My heart swelled at the pocky bit. That was excellent. I mean, in one sentence, you managed to turn Itachi alive.

*bows* masterly...

The Japanese nipicker in me just wants to let you know that 'Toad sEnnin' would sound better, sannin being ' the 3'.

And it's 'genjutsu'. Yes, I know, Japanese is nasty ;3
9/21/2009 c1 2kaear
Interesting. Will there ever be a sequel? I wonder what their thoughts were as they died. Did they feel they failed each other? Thank you for sharing.
9/13/2009 c1 Greysh
Nice oneshot :) You wrote that 'connection' between the uchiha brat and Jiraiya very well. I liked little Itashi :)
4/1/2009 c1 3sciencekills
I really like how you wrote this! It feels like this could have even happened in the actual anime!
1/23/2009 c1 41lovesrainscent
Oh wow - great job of insight into both their characters through a few brief meetings. Loved Jiraiya's explanations of his priorities as to who he would protect and why.

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