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for A Call Away

1/2/2021 c1 jenwincart
loved it
9/4/2016 c9 5hipgnosis
"Giles is a lot older than us, and he's our friend." ADORABLE. I just love the idea of Giles hearing this as he's coming out of his office, and the other Scoobies just being like, yeah, ofc.
5/15/2015 c14 Raven J. Haile
This was just as brill as the first one. I adored it. :3
12/30/2014 c14 Guest
I have never shipped anything in my life; normally, I just accept whatever's canon, and some overused pairing annoy me, but you are the first person to get me to ship anything, let alone a crossover ship!
Charlie/Buffy, all the way!
1/2/2013 c2 TheElegantFaerie
Yay Don! So Buffy and Charlie are eventually going to be together in a later part of this series right? And will you eventually get to Season 1 of Numb3rs where Don is back in the LA FBI office? Because I was wondering if you could pair Don with Amita? I've always loved that pairing and now I don't feel guilty about liking the possibility of it in this fic because Charlie has Buffy. And will Don eventually know about the supernatural?
12/10/2012 c14 Gracfully
so very neat from start to finish
3/25/2012 c1 6Rosa Mundi
This story was excellent as well. I'm looking forward to the romantic mess when Angel rurns back up, and very much looking forward to Angel and Charlie interacting. And I find myself suddenly very curious about what a conversation between Angel and Larry would be like. The mind boggles.
5/30/2011 c14 blue talith
Thanks for the epilogue! And I'll be watching out for Holiday Horrors!
5/28/2011 c13 blue talith
My thanks to Jess S1 for continuing this most exciting story! Glad to see Buffy, and hopefully Faith, are interested in changing the status quo!
5/8/2011 c12 blue talith
Very sad that Jess S1 did not follow up with Part 3 of Preinemies (aka, the rest of the story). I just hope that the author IS able to come back and finish this most exciting tale!
5/8/2011 c11 blue talith
One chapter to go! This one was somewhat revealing regarding feelings, which I enjoyed reading.
5/8/2011 c10 blue talith
Methinks Mr McDonald may be getting a visit?
5/8/2011 c9 blue talith
I'm happy that Charlie got to meet Joyce and the Scoobies. Also, that he's been able to help the Slayers with his math skills!
5/8/2011 c8 blue talith
Those crafty council operatives! Sure, the Slayer can't kill humans, but, humans can kill humans!
5/7/2011 c7 blue talith
Aaahhhh, the ending was SO sweet!
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