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2/13/2010 c11 24CompYES
Hmm. While I do browse Twisting the Hellmouth from time to time, I don't think it was how I found you. It had to have been through another author's favorites, that's how I usually find things. Kind of like a fanfiction Six Degrees of Separation.

And um, it's silly but I really have only seen two episodes of Numb3rs. I'm taking steps to correct that, though it's competing with S4 of Buffy and S5 of Supernatural. Still, even though I haven't seen much of Numb3rs, I still have to say that Charlie definitely feels spot on. He seemed a little more confident in the show than in First Meeting and A Call Away, though I think his lack of confidence can be attributed to the fact that in the show, he's older and has been teaching for a while giving him time to build it up. Not to mention that the attack on him by cheerleading vampires had to have done some damage to his psyche.

Well, I've officially started Frienemies (I'm glad there's another chapter after this one, I'm still in that "drawing it out" mindset). For some reason, Charlie almost calling Dr. Penfield a "son of a bitch" was the most amusing part of this chapter. Charlie's always so nice and mature. Him acting like the teenager he sort of is, is cute and endearing.

I'm still astounded by how much more healthy Faith and Buffy's relationship is though. I feel like this is part from her being prepared to handle Faith as well as her clearer more stable emotional state due to her time and empathic bond with Charlie. The ease she had in taking Faith under her wing and integrating her into the group was nice, as well has how she deftly handled Mrs. Post and her lies. I've always felt that if Faith had been treated with a little more kindness and understanding, she wouldn't have let her darker tendencies over take her like that. All and all, there are positive ripples all throughout the Scooby gang as a result. Everyone seems happier.

Oh, I'm so excited for how things will play out though. Lindsey McDonald is interesting. I don't know the Angel verse very well at all, but with the digging I've done, I'm anticipating an eventual smack down between Wolfram and Hart's and either Angel's House, the Scoobies, or a combination. Every interaction they've had with one another, the tension just keeps on rising. And speaking of Angel, he's scheduled to make an appearance as well huh? That's another thing I'm looking forward to. I'm sure Charlie's concern for Buffy right now is sincerely friendly concern only, but with her ex-lover returning what will that bring about? This makes me wonder what's gonna happen when (if ever) Amita comes onto the scene. Their friendship is strong, despite Charlie's worries, but what will outside love interests do to them?

There's like a million other things I want to say, but I think I'll just save it for the next review. Thank you, and as usual, the chapter was excellent. I love how long they are. I'll be back soon to finish up. Till then!

Excitedly awaiting,

Nana of CompYES
2/12/2010 c10 CompYES
Gosh. I've been at this for a really long time. I read so much fanfiction the hours and days start to blur and then I run out of things to read. I don't even remember how I found you (and frankly, I no longer care) but I'm really glad I did. This fic (and the one before it) are fantastic. I got into the Buffyverse through Harry Potter crossovers and the Buffy crossovers helped me spill into the Numb3rs verse. Before your fic, I'd never seen an episode of Numb3rs. The only break I took from a twelve (or more) read fest was to watch an episode or two of Numb3rs to get a feel for Charlie and his world. And I think your writing and portrayal of the characters is amazingly well done. My blood screams for an acceleration towards a romantic bond between Buffy and Charlie. Nonetheless, the way you write their relationship, makes me happy regardless, I can take what I can get because I enjoy it so much. You just flesh everything out so well, and you make their friendship so meaningful in how it influences and changes their lives. I'm stopping myself from reading the next chapter for now cause I don't want to be done yet. It'll be something I treat myself with later I suppose. But before I wrap up this long-winded message about how I practically worship this fic, I just wanna thank you for writing it. It means more to me than I can say in a crummy review.

All love, well wishes, and creative good-juju to you,

Nana of CompYES
2/5/2010 c11 30etienneofthewestwind
I just finished reading this and the previous story. You've blended the worlds together smoothly, to create a rich story. I can just see Charlie studying and establishing the mathematics of magic, rather than a second PhD in his more mundane academia. Or in addition to. The subtle changes to the Buffy storyline seem to be growing, and I like how elements of Angel are being incorporated, and the foreshadowing of Charlie's NSA clearance being more than the TV suggests. I get the impression that Charlie's parents will become more involved with Angel's House, whether or not they find out about the extra layers of reality. With Wolfram & Hart's interest, it's good that they have a retired lawyer in the know, and Margret looks like a good advocate to have. That firm only gets more persistent. Out of curiosity, are you going to have Gunn earn his law degree independent of W&H's methods? Something about Charlie introducing, "Charles Gunn, my attorney and Krav Maga trainer", is very appealing. Obviously that, like the Numb3rs episodes are a long way off. I can't help but wonder how different Charlie would be by that time. On one hand, he would be more grounded than he is in the series. On the other hand, Don and Alan wouldn't know P vs NP from the math of Apocalypse prevention. And there have been time in the series where I thought that Charlie shouldn't be as oblivious as he seems.
12/21/2009 c10 6HeartlessAngel9
hm I'll just agree with the other opinions on this chapter and say wow^^ I like it that you actually research the things you include in this story! Though with chapters of this length maybe you could add the footnotes near the actual passage they refer to because it's easier to make the connection that way. (At least I think that's easier^^)

And I wouldn't have used "zicke" in this context. I'm a native german speaker and I would have used "schlampe" because the first is rather used to describe girls that are really girly and grumpy when it comes to boyfriends, shopping etc. (you could describe cordy as a perfect example for a "zicke")

a "schlampe" is more in the sense of slut so I think that would be better in this context.

If you should ever be in need of german expressions or just words you can go to . I think they even got an english version and they translate more or less every swearword that I can think of. (though you should know at least a little bit about German grammar and stuff. Believe me I have seen some horrible things done to my poor language^^)

I'm not quite sure I got everything that you wrote in this chapter 'cause it's quite late right now but I wonder what happened to the German's boss-man-whatever. This Jungle Bob said he's tracking faith and buffy from somewhere else but I don't think you said what happened to him.

And why didn't the vampires in the school library hear them when the sneaked into the school? I mean don't vampires have super sensitive hearing and whatnot? If charlie could hear what they talked through closed doors wouldn't they be able to sense/hear/smell/whatever that there are three humans nearby?
11/25/2009 c11 10MarieEsmeraldaDumbledore-Black
Ok I just started looking around for a new type of crossover and I saw the numbers. Then I just started reading yours and I have to say I can't wait for the next chapter and I'm liking the little hints of possible Charlie/Buffy. All I can say is now I am looking for more Charlie/Buffy fics and I can not wait for the next chapter I say again.
9/29/2009 c11 30HonorSkywalker
Um oops! now that I've logged on I forget what I was planning to say besides Great Chapter. Oh and I have to say that you have a ways with words that drags the reader in and leaves them wanting more.

~ Patiently awaiting where you are heading to next

~ FantasyChick
9/28/2009 c11 1enchantedlight
great chapter! update soon!
9/28/2009 c11 Celestial Pendent
Wow what a great chapter! I loved the interaction. It was really good. I can't even describe it. (this may have to do a bit with how the rest of my day was but eh.) But anyway, great job and can't wait for the next chapter.
9/28/2009 c11 22The Magic Bringer
I was supposed to be finishing my assignment. It's worth 30% of my grade. I checked my emails for an article someone was sending me, and this was also in my inbox. Argh! Why must you be so addictive? Why? The chapter was truly amazing, btw. Gotta get back to that assignment now, I've got 10 hours left to finish it and try and get some sleep for the night. *to self* Pft. Good luck with that one.
9/24/2009 c10 fyrefly101

It's taken me a while to get round to reading this latest chapter, but it's completely been worth the wait! I love how you've blended canon (Slayer-hunt!) into the fic, and the fact that along with Charlie you included Don and Billy? Icing on top :)

Very much looking forward to seeing what comes next - Lindsey, post-Dance, the Council, Collins... Yup, very much looking forward to what comes next!
9/14/2009 c10 14firedrakegirl
I love it! Please update soon! I can't wait for more!
9/5/2009 c10 1angel smile101
I like that you added don. Hope you do continue to post for this story, cause i love it! More Don would be great!
8/10/2009 c10 1Wildfury
7/28/2009 c10 1enchantedlight
great chapter! update soon!
6/17/2009 c10 Kemowitch92
Will Don come more into the next chapters. PlZ update as soon as you can!
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