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for A Call Away

5/31/2009 c10 7Gamine Madcap
:D Lovely work, my dear. Absolutely wonderful. Keep up the fantastic work and update soon!
5/28/2009 c9 19Tanydwr
Great work. This story is brilliant. I love the sibling relationship between Faith and Buffy, and Buffy and Charlie's friendship is lovely. Your character interactions are great, and all in all, I look forward to more.

Keep up the great work!
5/27/2009 c9 7Gamine Madcap
Yay updates! I really loved this chapter. Charlie in Sunnydale=yayness!

I've always taken Faith's "five by five" comment to mean the same as someone saying they're "square". That's the general context that it's usually used in, "square" meaning the same as 'fine'. Think 1950s.

As far as age goes, I'm a little hinky on your reasoning behind making Faith 15. I follow your reasoning, but in the show she's clearly meant to be the same age as Buffy and her friends. Not all Slayers are called at the same age, just a general age range that I always pegged to be anywhere from 14-16. And remember, season one opened in their sophomore year, not freshman. And they're seniors in season 3, so everyone's either 17 or 18. So while Buffy was 15 when she was called, Faith could easily have been 16. The idea of a 15 year old acting and dressing the way Faith does gives me the heeby-jeebies. Think Dawn in season seven, when she was at the Bronze with that dude. Creepy.

I hope that makes sense. I just finished an awesome Buffy class my last semester in college this spring, and we did some great analizations of the series as a whole. It's even more interesting to look at your changes, especially to Faith, in light of that.

That said, keep up the great work and update soon!
5/24/2009 c9 Kemowitch92
I can't wait for the next chapter. PLZ update son!
5/21/2009 c9 3TheGirlWhoWaited
I loved this chapter. Yay for Charlie and Buffy being together in Sunnydale! *cheers* I totoally forgot about SlayFest though, so the ending took me by surprise. I can't wait to read more and see Buffy & Charlie's relationship continue to develop. Update soon please!
5/21/2009 c9 12sfchemist
Another excellent chapter in an amazing story.

I'd like to be able to say it's like watching an episode of Numb3rs or Buffy, but it's not. It has it's own unique feel to it and I think that's a good thing. Buffy is written very well and is true to character, although it's nice to see how Charlie's (the bond's) influence is making her deviate slightly from what we see on the show. I feel that what you have written is internally consistent within the story and this is a better approach than just having her stick to canon. (The main point in question being her treatment of Faith)

The same goes for Charlie's character, although we've never seen him as a kid, your depiction is very plausible.

The other Numb3rs characters are spot on. I like how Alan takes a back seat to his wife and a fairly minor role in this story. I always sort of felt it was their mum that held the family together so it's good to see Maggie taking on a main role.

The other Buffy characters are like they've just stepped off the show. Especially Willow, when she met Charlie. Which makes sense as Charlie has had little affect on them as yet.

The amount of research you have done has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. It's little details like that that make this story what it is. You obviously have a back story and system of magic in mind when you are writing this and it come across as a well thought out and interesting story.

I loved the five by five explanation and the way you've tied in Don's fugitive recovery work with SlayerFest. And I'm more than willing to overlook the google and other similar chronological discrepancies for the sake of the story's flow, and anyone who isn't willing to do so is insane.

This is definitely one of my favourite stories at the moment and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Happy writing.
5/20/2009 c9 1enchantedlight
great chapter! update soon!
5/20/2009 c9 3mtbabe
Hey there, i really love this story, the whole idea of a Buffy-Numb3rs cross-over is very interesting. I especially love that you write long chapters.

Unfortunatly this chapter is giving me a few problems. I'm not sure if it's just my browser not loading properly, or if the story didn't load properly, but it seems to be seriously lacking in punctuation, i.e. quote marks, and some of the words are joined together, i.e. missing spaces.

If it is just my computer, i apologise and will try again tomorrow, but could you please have a look just in case, because it's a little hard to read.

Thanks heaps =)
5/19/2009 c8 6deansgal4life6
Yay for the update lol. Love this story, sadly haven't been watching Numbers lately, but still a really good show. Anyways, update soon please.

4/24/2009 c8 elleastic
Love the story, the combination of two of my fav shows makes for gripping reading. I think you have handles the characters beautifully.
4/22/2009 c8 3TheGirlWhoWaited
As always, I'm very pleased with the new chapter. Very well written, and it didn't seem rushed at all. I guess I'm just happy Buffy and Charlie are back together again. *grins* I can't wait for the next chapter! Here's a cookie to entice those muses of yours to be more well behaved. *hands over cookie* Update soon please!
4/21/2009 c8 1enchantedlight
great chapter! update soon!
4/21/2009 c8 fyrefly101
Ah I'm so glad to see another chapter! I came across this the other day, and read the whole lot at once. I love both fandoms, so it's brilliant to see them crossed here, and it works so well. Can't wait to see what comes next!
4/21/2009 c8 milady89
i like this story and love that the chapters are not short.
4/20/2009 c8 Kemowitch92
Will Don ever come into this fic?
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