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10/7/2009 c8 8bitterasblood
omg! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this story, you so have to continue! I'm really sorry about you losing your job, but great stuff now you've got a new one! You've been reading my story, and I'm glad you like it :P I love Sorcha, she's so cool! Please update soon! I'm on the edge of my seat! I want more XD chat soon, luv Blaize xx
9/15/2009 c1 4oldgrumpywizard
How very interesting. I have never seen this tv show, but you make it sound very interesting with your descriptions of this Sorcha. Hm...must continue to read...
8/23/2009 c8 22MegElemental
Loving the story, please update! Sorcha is a very good name for the character, and the name Fuilith or however you spell it is cool too. No, Update!
6/26/2009 c8 6Vampire Solidarity1
This is so good, adding a vampire type person and her liking Merlin is great.
5/3/2009 c8 inhumane22

I'm totally watching this space! Its great, lovin' it and update soon!

4/13/2009 c8 1GuardEzio
youre welcome

and tank you for a brilliant BRILLIANT fic
2/20/2009 c7 5eeniemeanie
Love this fic, shame you can't update more often. Just guessing but did u get the idea 4 her eyes changing colour fomr the book 'twilight'?
2/17/2009 c7 22Katherine Moonhawk
Hey!loving this! thanks a heap, please update soon. Kat
2/17/2009 c7 2WinchesterWench
I loved this! Another excellent chappie! That was so typical Arthur too, lol! x
2/13/2009 c7 1GuardEzio
heh i was sure merlin would have thrown somethig at arther after what he said
2/1/2009 c6 2TheDoctor'sWriter
haha, love this chapter and i love sorcha

really enjoying this story xx
2/1/2009 c6 2WinchesterWench
Hahahahahahaha go Sorcha! That made me laugh! I love her, like how she is nice but not above a bit of flirting and I dare say she can be forceful!

As usual I demand more! x
1/26/2009 c5 2TheDoctor'sWriter
Great Chapter keep up the good work :)
1/25/2009 c5 2WinchesterWench
Oh! another great one! I could just imagine Uther sat there looking scary whilst ranting as Arthur put it lol!

More now please! x
1/25/2009 c5 39Dragonrider2203
Great chapter! Hope you can post another chapter soon.
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