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for Shades of Grey

2/6/2010 c13 10Dri Almighty
I hope this review will make you feel guilty as someone's else did so you will update. I'm sorry - I know it's rude and all that, but I'm absolutely enthralled. Actually, I think I might be addicted. I had to go out and I chose not to in order to finish your story - it often happens when I find a good piece like yours to read. So - please, don't take long to update. I loved the characters' personalities and behaviors, the way you go about the pureblood families and the ways of Slytherin is fascinating - making it more complex than the ''they're all an evil bunch of people''. Also, you did not let Hermione be overwhelmed by grief. I can't believe I let your story go unnoticed for such a long time! Awesome work and I hope you can update ASAP - you can't let one of your readers die, can you? XDD You've made it to my favorites.
2/4/2010 c13 11Ekaterina2324
oh, Abraxas is so sweet :) I hope Hermione and he have a little... well... kissing session or something like that :)

keep up the good work and update soon
2/2/2010 c13 3Aastha Panit
This is an excellent story! Please do continue writing. I'd really like to see where you're going with the plot! :)
2/2/2010 c13 Blazing Ocean
You write a great story. I tend to be a sucker for a happy ending but it doesn't seem like this one will have a very good ending but for once I'm ok with that.

I think you do a great job at keeping everyone in character which is even more important than the story line I think. I just can't read a fanfic where everyone is OOC.

Anyway I love your work. Please update soon.
2/2/2010 c13 PureSerpent
Just reached chapter 13 and I CANNOT wait to see how this all ends. So many different possibilities - good and bad (bad being my favourite, of course)!
2/1/2010 c5 PureSerpent
I have to say I like the third option for the story. Call me crazy, but i hate happy endings when it comes to fiction. There's just too much of it!

I really do like this story and I like how you addressed everyone to review. I totally agree with you. I hate seeing that i've had so many views yet so little reviews. Pet peeve number one when writing a story!
2/1/2010 c13 13Isabella120
Awesome job! Update soon please!
2/1/2010 c2 PureSerpent
"A/N: Poor Ron!"

Haha, loved it. Great fic! I love Time-Travel and I double love Christian Coulson as Tom Riddle, hence me having a strange attraction to Voldemort... lol.
1/31/2010 c13 1Ijoan
I'm so glad to see that you've updated this! I was close to giving up on this story, but it's great to see an update. I think I'm going to have to go back and reread everything again. Well, it's a great story, and I hope to see another update in the near future
1/31/2010 c13 4Courting Chaos
If another reviewer made you guilty would you update again?
1/31/2010 c13 2maripas
Thought I'll like to say I'm sad that because the reviewer made u feel guilty. It'll be a lie. In fact I'm very happy because, finally there's an update to this magnificent fanfic. Really I was getting pretty bored because, no good writers had taken the time to either updated their fics or the ones who already update where pretty few.

I love your way of narrating this chapter lol. The voice somehow I felt as if I was reading a narration from Jane Austen. Thought it's not as good as hers it's lovely! hahahaha.

The part where Riddle was trying to discover what would Hermione need or what to do about her, well I personally felt it was sort of a filler so I didn't pay to much attention to it.

But on the other hand I loved when you described the scene at the Malfoy Manor haha It really killed me it was cool!

=) I hope you Update Soon! I understand u r pretty busy but I'll be really glad if you don't take too much time ( as in months or years) to do so.

Good Luck! God Bless You! Happy New Year and Merry x-mast!
1/28/2010 c12 BethanyLeshea
It seems you haven't updated in a very long while. I REALLY wish you would. I just started reading this story two days ago and I've been practically devouring it! I absolutely love it! I am hoping that you have not forgotten this story and decide to update soon! By the way, I really enjoy your Greek origin references with Charon and such! Wonderful story!
12/15/2009 c1 Loivissa
Oh yeah by the way, I forgot to login last time while reviewing. I am Lily btw.

I must reiterate my love for this story and your incredible characterizations.

I will be recommending this to as many people as possible, and I hope to do fanart of it when I have the time. :)

Keep up the great work!
12/13/2009 c12 Lily
I have bookmarked this story within the first few paragraphs. It is quite a refreshing read, and much, much more different than all of the normal time-traveling fictions go on about.

For one, you never fail to write from the perspective of the characters. It means more than having them fit their book personality, but really seeing how they react to situations. I have almost never read a story where Hermione goes into the past and has the future haunting her past a few paragraphs. Very realistic depiction of her loneliness.

I love the way you create the pureblood heirarchy, and the way Hermione gradually assimilates, particularly with some of her more Slytherin thoughts. Very good interpretation and inclusion of psychology; role-playing becomes a part of the real personality. All of this makes character interaction much more intriguing, and it's always fortunate when the author remembers that time-traveling= different culture.

A symbol of a great writer is the ability to write all characters the way they are meant to be. Normally I shun all fictions with OCs in them, but I enjoy reading about all of your characters and how they react to Hermione. I especially love Corentin, and the way you characterized Abraxas. He is quite the gentleman. :)

I also like your depiction of Tom, and I find the inclusion of his orphanage visits very important. Once again, many authors neglect it, even though the orphanage is such an integral part of his character. At some points he seems a bit too flirtatious though, but his characterization has gotten better throughout this piece. I do think you should write more of Tom and Hermione interacting, because right now, it seems her relationships with Corentin and Abraxas are more developed.

I'm a bit perplexed at one thing though, and how you are to resolve it. Isn't it the case that all pureblood mansions have anti-Muggle blood detection on them? I wonder how Hermione will be able to get through those detectors; the simplest solution seems to be to not have these detectors, but I'm interested to see how you would go about writing it in.

Keep up the great work, this is one of my favorite fanfictions I've read thus far, and not just in the Harry Potter fandom either. 3
10/31/2009 c12 GuestDevanshade
Please, please update, I want to find out what happens next!
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