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for Shades of Grey

10/25/2009 c5 1vampirelover2009
I love your story hermione and tom riddle is one of my favourite pairings keep write for all your fans
10/6/2009 c12 QuietShadows
Great story you have here. I like the way it went until now. I have to say im a bit afraid for the twins Riddle talks to, and I wish Hermione would hex him already!:)) He's so frustrating!

Nice portrayal of Tom Riddle, since the books dont give that much on him before he became Voldemort. And a kind (or maybe not?) Abraxas Malfoy? Thats unique! from all the fanfictions I've read until now, in which he appears, he was described as ... well, almost as Draco is described in the books lol.

Anyway, keep on writing! Added the story to story alert, hope to see it finished someday as well :)

Have a good day/week/month/year! :p
8/11/2009 c12 Dish
I can totally see Abraxas Malfoy being a gentleman and inviting Hermione to his mansion. These were the 40s, and he was a rich pureblood.

I'm glad you fit Bellatrix in. She's one of my favourites, and I love Helena Bonham-Carter as well! She was brilliant as Bellatrix: totally insane.

Anyway, great chapter and wonderful story. Keep it up!

8/2/2009 c12 Lady-Isowen
Wonderful chap!
7/31/2009 c12 Steph
I'm really loving the Corentin-Hermione
7/31/2009 c12 25Kanki Youji
Wow! This is great! I just read it start to finish, and I have to say that I'm really enjoying it.

I especially like that Miss Granger - should I say Grey? - can't preform wandless magic and lets slip some mental images. It's nice to not have her perfect at everything.

Her loverly little puppy is named after Hera's watch-monster, correct? With the thousand eyes?
7/31/2009 c12 satoz
Loving this fic so much!

I don't think it was overkill for the Malfoys and the Chevaliers to invite Hermione over. tis a bit sweet and chivalrous. something slightly lost in this day and age lol

keep up the good writing! ^-^
7/31/2009 c11 satoz
lol, Riddle...the hero XD funny thought there
7/31/2009 c10 satoz
haha, I wonder if the other students at Hogwarts will find the crup as cute as I imagine it to be...possibly not...maybe...
7/31/2009 c9 satoz
lmao XD

loved this chapter

enjoyed your small author quips during it

7/31/2009 c8 satoz
hm...I wonder if any of the teachers noticed Hermione just moments away from cursing a younger student lol
7/30/2009 c7 satoz

I'm so loving the whole missing persons deal...Slytherine...so AWESOME lol
7/30/2009 c6 satoz
...hm...good think Riddle and Malfoy were there ^^...-ish
7/30/2009 c5 satoz
really enjoying the fic so far!
7/30/2009 c2 satoz
o.0 poor Ron?

suffer...SUFFER RON! BUWAHAHA! lol

enjoying the fic so far ^^
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