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for Shades of Grey

7/30/2009 c12 3Poetryfreak173
i dont normally review stories that i read that i dont absolutely love, but as you earlier mentioned your dislike of those of us readers who read, stick an alert on you then hop off on out merry way, i thought id gather up my thoughts and say SOMETHING.

i like your story, i really do. Yes, it does seem a bit overboard, but not not within the bounds of reason. And i myself had an experience like hermione's, identified by my nameplate when i was claiming to be someone else (not as dramatic as that sounds, by the way.) anyway. Like yrstory, keep writing, all that jazz.
7/29/2009 c12 star5
this was a really good chapter i liked it a lot and i can't wait for the next one so please update sooner this time and it is nice that abraxus is such a gentalman
7/29/2009 c12 1ScarlettxTristan
Oh... Staying with Malfoy... but to many children remember it's hard for purebloods to have children they are to related...
7/28/2009 c5 Buttface
I really like this story. I like the Hermione because she is still smart but she is still a bit vulnerable. I also like the Tom, who is as manipulative as he should be. Here's my only problem (sort of weird and obnoxious, sorry): I think the parts in the future are fine, but they are kind of nerve wracking. I mean at this point since Hermione is changing the future by her presence, we have no idea how the future should be. I understand your take on time travel, but maybe it's better if you cut down on the future bits. Sorry I know this suggestion is annoying, but thinking about time travel totally bothers me. I guess I'm kinda obsessed and OCD.

Anyways, I really like your story and I beg you to continue! Keep up the good work (wow sounds way cheesy)!
7/28/2009 c12 SriHellgirl25
cant wait to read more
7/27/2009 c12 4silentword
Great story :)

I love the way you portray the characters realisticly

Is the reference from the movie Galazy Quest?

Anyway, another good chapter and I'm looking forward to more!
7/26/2009 c12 1amrawo
great chapter! loved it! update soon!
7/26/2009 c12 personlikething
oh no! i've caught up with the story. how sad- i just started yesterday. i like it =D Riddle does not seem too OOC to me. I remember in book six they displayed his acting and manipulativeness, so it seems fine. Oddly enough it's Hermione that seems more OOC in my mind. Also in book six i recall her playing quidditch with harry, ron, and ginny at the Burrow over the summer (though her being absolutely horrible) and it's hard for me to see her disliking cats with her love-all personality and i DEFINATELY can't see her testing her time traveling contraptions on animals. When professor slughorn tested all of his alcohol by having a house elf taste them and told harry, harry made a pointed mental note to never tell hermione because he knew she'd freak at the horribly unjust treatment. but all of that can fall under AU i guess. And this is random, but i liked the Sorting Hat. He forces her into slytherin when she so wants gryffindor and then in the future when she wants ravenclaw he gives her gryffindor. she asked for it =P

i wonder what happened in the malfoy line...how'd it go so cold? ='(

update? plez? I'd be ever so happy
7/25/2009 c12 2angrypixels
Looking forward to the next chapter :)
7/25/2009 c12 1Erini
she should have used some spell to make a glamour appear on her...so nobody recognised her but the story was really funny!
7/25/2009 c6 Erini
ok ok here is another review, isnt rape a bit to much for an offence? i mean...it is not quite normal that students dissapear every month if they insulted someone a bit crazy...
7/25/2009 c5 Erini
you did it lol, I really felt guilty for not reviewing :P the story is really great! keep up like this!
7/25/2009 c12 Me
Another amazing chapter! Wonderful job. I don't think having Hermione stay with the Malfoys and the Chevaliers is overkill. I have to admit though, Bella is not quite in character. In the movies Bella seems more over-the-top crazy, and in the books it's more of a subtle insanity. Yet you don't seem to be making her either one. She seems too childish and simply not crazy enough. Nice job with Lucius though! Can't wait to read the next chapter.
6/16/2009 c11 CassiopeiaHastur
oh please keep writing - i enjoyed reading your story!
6/16/2009 c5 MissMusa
really liked your story...
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