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for Shades of Grey

6/12/2009 c11 star5
ok i loved this chapter it was serously good and i can't wait for the next one and sorry i have not reviewed faster i have been really lazy lattley and i am not sure why but o well better late than never right o and do you think that you could have tom and hermione run into each other somewhere around london or knoctorn alley and i can't wait to see what happens to her when she goes to see corentin and his family update soon please
6/12/2009 c11 Dorry
I love the story! Hmm, I cannot think of any thing that may need constructive criticism. So cheers to the wonderful story you have created!
6/7/2009 c11 2maripas
M well this isn't one of your best chapters... as i read it it seemed to be acting as a filler just to put it there because for the heck of it. Why did you chose argus btw?

God Bless You! Keep Writting!
6/4/2009 c11 loha
Me gusta, Me likey, I love it. It is inteligent and not boring. I love how it isn't just another "Tom and Hermione falling in love and him not turning evil" story
6/1/2009 c11 1amrawo
i like this story so far! update soon!
6/1/2009 c11 Guest
Vestri fabula est bonus. I loved the chapter; and the name Argus for the crup. (I'm watching for Dougal and Duane to turn up ;) I really like the names Lavinia and Hadrian, is there a Roman/Greek theme going on? Euge et Pax, write more soon!
6/1/2009 c11 nmoiuyus
glad to see an update of this story, and hope to see another one soon. Really, enjoying this, so update soon!
6/1/2009 c11 Lady-Isowen
I loved this chap! Great work as always!
6/1/2009 c11 16Falke-ness
Great chapter! I'm really enjoying the story. Was the crup named after the mythical 100-eyed Argus who watched over Lo?
6/1/2009 c11 1stargazer starluver
Im liking this so far. I'm especially interested on the Harad dude and his aunt. Can't wait for "January 2nd"
6/1/2009 c11 10sexy-jess
I don't have any problems with OCs in this fic. In fact, the point of them is to support the roles of the main characters isnt it? Well they are doing that.

Keep up the excellent work! I'm looking forward to more Hermione-in-the-bookstore time!

I also can't wait until Hermione goes to Corentin's home!
6/1/2009 c11 1excentrykemuse
Loved the new chapter! I wonder what shady characters are going to start appearing in the bookshop.

cheers, cen
6/1/2009 c11 2angrypixels
If this is a bridge, then I am looking forward to the next chapter..since this one didn't seem to make alot of sense.
5/30/2009 c10 1JstDani
Hey.. just wanted to let you know that i am really loving the story.. it is getting to be like those really good books that you just can't put down because you have to devour every word..

Anyhoo.. Lovin the story.. the pace is a bit slow, but i get why you want to keep it like that, it wouldn't be right if she was all of a sudden "OMG hes so bad.. i love him" bull.. so keep doin wat your doin..
5/28/2009 c10 1excentrykemuse
I've been reading this story all morning and I really like your portrayal of Pureblood culture. This is a side of the HP world that readers don't usually get ... and I appreciate your take on Tom Riddle's character and how he tries to fit in with purebloods and yet still feels uncomfortable. Can't wait for more!

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