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for Shades of Grey

5/28/2009 c10 2angrypixels
This sounds interesting!

Looking forward to the future chapters!
5/26/2009 c10 10RandomDream
Here's your review. :))

There are a few time travel fics that really hold my interest, one that I'd be willing to read over and over again. This one is an example of it. The writing style is simple, but nice. The plot is unique, though sometimes unbelievable (the whole, modified time turner or whatever thing).

I hope you update soon. I have in good faith believe that you won't abandon this unlike other, insensitive authors. Just Kidding. :)) Readers have feelings too.

5/23/2009 c10 unknown012876
I love this story! I just discovered Hermione/Tom shippings, and for some reason, I can't get enough. I generally only read fics with canon pairings, but I don't really like Ron very much, so this is an exception.

In an earlier chapter, you asked for constructive criticism, and I've been trying to think of something, but it was difficult. So, for me, it was easy to forget Hermione's mission. It seems like she isn't making any progress because she isn't really trying. She's just resigned herself to live in the past indefinitely.
5/23/2009 c10 2Lady Juice
No! Now... we wait. Is there another reason why the little crup took a liking to Hermione besides him being the gentler of his female siblings?

Oh and where was the tiny graphic part... Must have been very tiny eh?

Can't wait for your next chapter =) Please do hurry.
5/22/2009 c9 Lady Juice
Haha, last place anyone would think Hermione to be. Nice chapter.
5/22/2009 c8 Lady Juice
Knockturn Alley... but don't a lot of the darkies go there? Wouldn't she get caught? Well I guess I'll just have to see in the next chapter. =)
5/22/2009 c7 Lady Juice
I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I truly appreciate the slow development between Hermione and Tom, it's just right. It'd be bizarre to see them to fall too quickly given their history and all.

I am officially favoriting this story. Really, great job.
5/22/2009 c6 Lady Juice
Your story keeps getting better with each chapter. I'm feeling a little anxious. How will Riddle react to the truth... EP!
5/22/2009 c10 Lady-Isowen
Aww...the puppy sounds cute. What is it's name going to be? Update soon please!
5/21/2009 c10 Guest
Hey, I reviewed earlier, but I thought of an interesting name for the crup. How does Dougal sound? It means dark stranger in Gaelic, and when I read your story, the crup seemed to have some kind of ulterior motive (good of course) and there were interesting aspects to the character.

Duane is another good one (in my opinion). I means little and dark in Gaelic.

I can't wait to read more
5/21/2009 c10 sukiyaki86
Oh hay, another cookie-cutter Hermionne/TMR fic! Only - not. No signs of unrealistic mushiness, and this is the tenth chapter already. I'm liking this.

Also: I'm totally digging 'Aristophanes' as a cat name. : ) Didn't really mind the long shop description, really, I'm a sucker for book store atmosphere.

/2 cents
5/21/2009 c10 Li-chan
I really enjoyed reading your story thus far. Though I do think Hermione probably should start thinking of ways to help support her background. What I mean is, obviously (I think you even briefly mention it in a chapter) that she can't go on forever pretending she's a pureblood. Eventually she'll need to provide a name or proof. Otherwise she'll be outed as a mudblood and that won't help her cause much.

Other than that, I really like this fic and so far is one my favorite Tom/Hermione stories. I've read so many Tom/Hermione fics that go sour very quickly cause it's way too unrealistic. It's kind of a relief to see that ten chapters in your story they're not even close to being together.

Hope to see an update soon!
5/21/2009 c5 Lady Juice
I absobloodylutely love your fic. Maybe it's simply because of the pairing, or because I find it believable, or because I'm a sucker for romance. In any case, your fic does indeed deserve more reviews than this.

Hmm... I'm hoping for a happy ending, but if it isn't believable then I vote for the bittersweet ending if, and only if, it ends in such a way that doesn't make one raise more questions, just something that would ease our hearts. I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to get at. But I trust you'll work your magic =)
5/20/2009 c10 Guest
Yay! I can finally review an amazing story without having to create an account! I completely agree with your last statement, I think that Tom Riddle's personality was a bit too one-dimensional. I love the witty banter between the two main characters, and the internal turmoil Hermione is enduring (Gryffindor vs. Slytherin and the like). This story is extremely well written, and engrossing! Write more soon, I await it eagerly!

Oh, one final note, I love the mythological sections earlier on, with Pluto, Charon, the Styx and Ceres, brilliant!
5/20/2009 c10 1Ijoan
Really, I love this story. You deserve so many more reviews. This is by far one of the best fanfics I've read. You've developed an interesting plot, but I hope you won't have Tom in love with Catherine or something...that would just, I don't know. I don't really mind if he is though, but that's not the point. I simply enjoy reading this story and practically check everyday to see if this story is updated, so please update VERY soon!
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