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for Shades of Grey

6/29/2014 c16 literallyeveryusernameistaken5
Great story. Please update soon and thanks for writing it.
3/8/2014 c16 cyanvines2
Finished this story in 2 hours...please, oh PLEASE continue this story! It's absolutely magical, and there's nothing out there like it! 3
3/5/2014 c16 4countesscee
I love how Lavinia, Hadrian, Tom and Hermione seemed to be a family. LOL. I could just imagine that happening. Haha.
2/24/2014 c16 Last Alice
WHY WHY WHY?! Why does it have to stop here D; I'd wish the author hadn't abandoned, but it seems like so because it hasn't been updated in almost a year. Waaaah! Oh well, I can't give up hope just yet even though I'm dying to know what happens...
2/24/2014 c15 Last Alice
Poor Hermione :c
2/23/2014 c14 Last Alice
What will you do Corentin...
2/23/2014 c13 Last Alice
Hmmm, Tom's thinking ...
2/23/2014 c12 Last Alice
I've grown quite fond of Abraxus Malfoy for some reason.
2/23/2014 c11 Last Alice
I can't wait for the exciting parts c;
2/23/2014 c10 Last Alice
Woah! Finally someone understands how I feel about JKR...
2/23/2014 c9 Last Alice
I wonder if she'll meet Tom c;
2/23/2014 c8 Last Alice
This fic makes me see a different side to the young Voldemort...
2/23/2014 c7 Last Alice
Absolutely LOVE this fic already :D
2/23/2014 c6 Last Alice
Uggh, I hate Ino *glares at her*
2/23/2014 c5 Last Alice
Riddle and his mind reading...
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