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for Shades of Grey

1/8/2009 c3 Charlotte232
I love your fanfiction!

I was kinda expecting Hermione to say something like "What are you playing at Riddle?"

But I still like it! (:

Continue ASAP!
1/7/2009 c3 jeanne
nice to know that hermione actually has options, that there is another way to return to her time,albeit rare...most interesting and funniest sorting i've read in a long, long time. the hat being a smart aleck and hermione almost living among hufflepuffs...i appreciate your attention to detail like the unique entrances to the head common room and dorm rooms, as well as the prevalent demeanor among slytherins.

i like your hermione-mature, confident, angry yet with self-control and well focused. her loneliness has not crept in fully yet. i wonder if she'll become slytherinized, though i doubt it. she's meant to stand out. wouldn't it be interesting if tom actually, unknowingly helps her get back to the future? from tom's introduction, he's intense in wherever his mindset is, be it finding ways to maintain control over his lackeys, or just excelling in everything. maybe deep down, tom would make a good teacher had he more patience. imagine tom among kids, heh.

idk about wormholes, but your argument is believeable.

idk if you'll be referencing back and forth between the past and the future. ron being the slowest reader was funny adlib.

this story fails to be ordinary. like one reader wrote, it's engaging. thanks, i've been reading tom-mione for about 16 months running, and i haven't lost interest yet. like one reader wrote, this stuff is written by the mature and the intelligent, the sadistic and the hopeless romantic. i'm in good company, then. ;)
1/5/2009 c3 7abovetheserpentine
This is really engaging, and I find myself unable to stop reading. Wonderful job, and I like how you have Hermione thinking about the implications of pretty much every action on the timeline. It's really particular, and very specific; brilliant. Can't wait to read more! :)
1/5/2009 c3 Vinz112
I'm very hooked on your story.I feel like your taking your time with it,not just rushing in for Hermione to be swept off her feet by Tom.Usually I don't like it when she's made a slytherin but I actually don't mind with how you're going about it.You're doing a great job!I hope you add the next chapter soon because I'll be waiting for it and ready to review!-also I'm loving the way you are perceiveing Tom,even Hermione too.
1/4/2009 c3 13Isabella120
Fabulous job!

Update soon!

1/4/2009 c2 1redfoxrose
I think you skipped a chapter or something. This is about half of chapter 3, and some info about how Hermione became a student is missing so...
1/4/2009 c3 7Suspicious Soup
Uh...Is it just me or did you post this chapter twice. But I have to say, the story is going strong! The description is well written .

But the ending, was evil. What is Riddle playing at? (I think it's obvious. After all the stories I've read)
1/4/2009 c1 1MarauderRaine
I'm sorry, but I didn't understand this chapter. Was she in the past or the future. It wasn't very informative of where she exactly was(We all no in Hogsmeade, but where in there?)
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