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11/14/2010 c1 32Tellhound
OMG! This was so good. Poor Sammy. I just have to read the next chapter now.

11/9/2010 c7 hotshow
I just discovered this story and think it is excellent.

I hope that you will update soon as I noticed that nothing has been posted since March.

Thank you.
9/12/2010 c7 phyllis0016
please continue this story i really am enjoying it
5/25/2010 c5 230KKBELVIS still have me. So solid I didn't stop to reveiw. Sorry 'bout that.

Totally enjoying 'blind' Sam.

This chapter especially was exciting. A twist in the

Any disorinted/dizzy Sam coming up?

I'd like to see him get lost maybe lose his cane...Dean to the rescue...he he.

Anyway, good story, will read more later,

5/25/2010 c1 KKBELVIS
Hey, I thought I'd come over and check you out and I super glad I did.

You had me from 'Dean rushed' ... I'm yours. This is great. Adore the whole idea!


4/24/2010 c7 32vonnie836
Okay, so I have to apologize for not reviewing every single chapter. I have to say, I really enjoyed your writing style. Very detailed and precise, yet never boring. The story itself is tense and surprising. Never would have thought the whole thing has supernatural connections and least of all 'Cold Oaks' connections. Loved your OT's, they really came to life. And Dean and Bobby - absolutely awesome. I can so see Sam shutting off, getting impatient, because he wants to be independent and can't. Dean trying to give him space, but finally pushing him and realizing it is the right thing to do. I really look forward to reading more and hope you'll be able to post again soon. Hugs, Vonnie
4/7/2010 c7 271Pagan3
Cool... Sam's getting his confidence back! I have to wonder though how Dean will deal with a blind but completely independent little brother.
3/26/2010 c7 16Joby87
Hey girl!

You said this: "In the course of a day he'd gone from flawed but strong and independent, to weak and helpless. Broken in every conceptual way, the youngest Winchester was left with only a frail imprint of his former self."

...and you know, at that statement my heart literally dropped, feeling incredibly heavy for Sam. It was so sad, and so well put. Because if you think about it, someone who has been blind for the entirety of their life is already accustomed to that particular lifestyle, so it probably wouldn't effect them emotionally as much. But someone who loses it at a point in their life, when they have had to rely on their sight, it's hard to have to relearn something all over again. And so, I appreciate that you're keeping it real, and showing that Sam is feeling depressed inside, worthless, and completely vulnerable...because I'm sure someone who has had to deal with this situation feels the same. It's very realistic, and I like how you kept it that way. So I really feel for Sam. Because if this really happened in the show, I'm sure he'd feel this way.

Aw, Sam seems so insecure and frightened to be in public anymore. I think it was right for Dean to push him. He can't be a recluse forever, right? Hopefully Sam will get over that! They still have a battle to finish. lol.

And I think it was awesome and practical to allow Sam the chance to find his own clothes, give him that sense of independence again. That's why we love Dean!

Overall I loved the chapter. Poor Sammy, he's so frustrated which is understandable. And you have Dean who is oddly patient. It's sort of refreshing. I like it! I would like to see Sam get his sight back at the end of this, and maybe before then gain a little bit back, give that kid some hope. I'm still wondering if that ghost has anything to do with it. And possibly if Sammy will want to see her again because it'll be the only time he could see. Wouldn't that bring on some angst? Thanks hun. These were enjoyable. Sorry it took me so long to read them! Tootles! Joby ;P
3/26/2010 c6 Joby87
Aw this was such a great chapter. I liked the small moment between Dean and the waitress. He needed some peace of mind after all that has happened!

And man, that ghost is really doing a number on Sam. Can't wait to find out what else she has up her sleeve. And I wonder if she actually is causing Sam's blindness (possibly why he can see in his dreams, maybe?). Ooh, I wonder if that's the cause right there. That's a thought!

Great set up. Reading on to the next to find out. Tootles! Joby ;P
3/26/2010 c5 Joby87
Very interesting twist! Damn ghost! Poor Sammy. Still drawing the short stick, huh? Great, reading on!
3/25/2010 c4 Joby87
Hey again! Wow, this was a deeply heart-felt chapter. Poor Sam. Now I can really feel bad for the boy. Having to use the cane, further weighing down the implication that his injury might be permanent, and the suspicion of everything around him. It's bound to be exhausting. Even Dean is starting to feel the devastating effects this situation has thrust upon them. And it hasn't even been 24 hours yet.

Ooh, can you imagine what it will be like for the both of them if this turns out to be permanent? I wouldn't want to, not with the growing threat of the Apocalypse, angry hunters, and of course our lovely feathery friends. Oy! It doesn't sound good for them at all, but that's what makes an interesting story. And yay! I love Bobby! You had me going there about the doc. I really thought she might have been possessed or something. Luckily she wasn't! Thanks for this! Awesome chapter.
3/25/2010 c3 Joby87
You know, I hope they get that drunk driver and he hasn't been let off the hook! Drunk Driving is something I do not tolerate! It gets me so riled up hearing about teenagers or anyone killed in awful crashes or people at the prime of their life disabled because someone wasn't responsible. If I had my way, they'd all be in jail for a good five minimum. Sorry, don't mean to harp for your review. But it's just sad! Just recently in my town, a 26 year old, just graduated from Pharmacy School, started his new career and a newlywed (I think), was killed by a drunk driver. That man was just starting out...and bam! Taken away so suddenly.

So for me, I do hope that the backyard hick gets some form of payback! Winchester style or just taken to jail for a long time, but he can't get away with this! I'm glad Dean made a promise, because he deserves it!

Sorry, I think I'm done with my little rant now!

Now back to the story...

I loved the brotherly moments in this! It was just needed to get Sam through this shocking experience. I've never been handicapped, but I'm sure to hear that you've been labeled as it can be very daunting. But luckily handicapped has it's advantages. No doubt I'm sure Dean would be playing upon those! And the food part was hilarious! I can see Dean scavaging Sammy's hospital food. Poor Sam, what is he to do?

And I must say I absolutely adore your writing style! It's so much better than mine! Holy crap! It flows perfectly, not too long where its reading like Stephen King's run-on sentences, and detailed just right. And it makes you actually feel like you're the brothers, witnessing the devastation as well as feeling it. Whoa! I'm jealous!

I feel so bad for Sam right now, but at least he has Dean there to perk him right back up! This was a good chapter! Yay Bobby's in the next one. I love that man! I felt so bad for him in tonight's episode. I won't say anything in case you haven't seen it yet. Reading on!
3/25/2010 c2 Joby87
Aw Poor Sammy! I just want to cuddle with him, hug him tight like the giant teddy bear that he is, and tell him it'll be alright! Aw! I like the medical side of this. I'm no doctor, but it sounds plausible! And that's good enough for me! Great job at this! I can see Dean making the receptionist very irritated. Hmm, do I want Sam to get his sight back?...that's debatable. I don't know! But I guess I'll soon find out, eh? Alrighty than man, onward!
3/25/2010 c1 Joby87
Great start hun! I loved the intensity and the description of Dean's fear for his brother. Sounds like the boys are in for one hell of a ride! (Sorry Sam, no offense)! But oh god! What about the Impala? Will she be fixed? There were a few punctuation mistakes I saw, but who doesn't have those right? Awesome, now on to the next chapter! :P
3/24/2010 c7 1samgirl19
oh boy this chp has alot of tension between the brothers
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