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for Lost in the Darkness

3/24/2010 c6 1samgirl19
uh oh mindy a suspious person anyway with sam blindness it going to take alot of effort from dean to help sam and it going to be alot of work but bobby is ther to help out
3/24/2010 c5 samgirl19
dean has his haha moments and vicky is a nice person she isnt abandoning sam she is helping so he can live his life and move on
3/24/2010 c4 samgirl19
i like vicky she nice and she is helping sam with his blindness and how to get around and i like bobby for reassuring sam that things will work out soon and he should give it time
3/24/2010 c3 samgirl19
omg im so sorry about ur husband i hope he found another job and everything is ok

yea bobby is in this story duh no one can forget bobby he's the glue who keeps the brothers together
3/24/2010 c2 samgirl19
oh boy i hope sam blindness isnt permanet and i hope bobby shows up
3/24/2010 c7 Cainchan
great chapter. I understand sam that he is depressed and withdrawn, it must be terrible if you can not see something or the face of your beloved ones. I would also react like sam and I also will not want to go to public places. I liked it that you referred to sams vegan tendencies. I always thought sam was a vegetarian or vegan - because he likes really healthy stuff.
3/23/2010 c1 samgirl19
omg no the impala is totaled and omg sam is blind of thats not good and oh that truck driver is going to jail for what he did driving drunk
3/22/2010 c7 19supernatfem76
In the first paragraph I thought you did a great job describing how hot the motel room was. I also thought that you did a good job showing how Sam felt about being blind and Dean having to take care of him and how Dean felt about Sam becoming a recluse because of his blindness. I would not worry about the length. The content is more important. You should let that dictate how long or short your chapters are.
3/22/2010 c7 zuimar
Thanks for the update! I gotta admit it took me a while reading this last chapter you posted to remember what your story was about, but as soon as I remembered I was hooked again! I'm a sucker for happy endings, so I'd love to see Sam being able to see again at the end of the story, with lots of tender care by Dean of course ;-)
3/22/2010 c7 Tumshie
Totally loving this - so sorry to take so long to review, I've been reading and enjoying it for awhile now (just been pretty slack at reviewing!). Keep up the great work - love the mix of humour and angst in this story and the characterisation is spot on - makes for great reading! Can't wait to see where you will take this next :)
3/22/2010 c7 104Menthol Pixie
I'm reviewing as I go so I don't forget anything I want to mention, so apologies if this is stilted.

1) I love the way you described the motel room through Sam's point of view, relying on other senses. Describing how it smelt, how the sheets felt was brilliant, really gave me a picture in my head (which is ironic, seeing as Sam can't see the picture) :)

2) There are some great metaphors - "caging a wild stallion in a fish tank", "Strangling his every fiber like a cotton blanket in water". Very well done.

3) You've really got Sam's frustration and hopelessness down pat. And his personality, when you take his consideration of downing all his painkillers but deciding against it when he thinks of Dean.

I'd like to see Sam healed by the end of it. I do enjoy seeing our boys put back together after us writers are finished torturing them ;D

Good work, I think I like this chapter best.
3/13/2010 c6 Menthol Pixie
Another lovely chapter.

Sorry for taking so long to read and review. I got quite caught up with finishing Fade. Thank you again for your lovely review.

:) Great work!
3/7/2010 c5 Menthol Pixie
Wow, I didn't see that coming! Very excited to see what's gonna happen next.
3/7/2010 c4 Menthol Pixie
Another good chapter. I could really feel Sam's frustration. It was good to see Bobby - he makes a good addition.

On to the next chapter!
3/7/2010 c3 Menthol Pixie
"For taking one more thing from a kid who really didn't have anything good left to hold on to."

- heartbreaking!

I loved Dean's speech about how he was gonna figure it out, and Sam calling him a drama queen. Their brotherly banter is one of the things I really love about our boys.

Oh, Bobby next chapter, and some hints as to what's going to happen. My son's distracted watching The Go Show (great kids show) so I may have time to read the next chapter before he notices I'm not paying him all my attention :)
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