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3/7/2010 c2 104Menthol Pixie
Great work with all the medical info - a lot of writers here stumble over it (myself included. I'm not a doctor so...)

I think you did a great job explaining what's happened to Sam, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

(Eek, sorry for the huge break between my review for last chapter and this one. My little poppit came home from his Nanna's so I was distracted looking after him and once he was in bed I just went to sleep too. I went out drinking the other night and spent all of yesterday with a nasty headache.)

So, I'm going to slowly continue my way through this story when my son will allow. :)
3/6/2010 c1 Menthol Pixie
Nice! I think you wrote the crash scene really well, I could really see the Impala in it's precarious position, and feel Dean's uncertainty switch to panic when he realized what had happened.

I can't wait to see what happens next, so off I got to read the next chapter!
11/4/2009 c6 3supernaturaldh
Girl, you don't need me to write a blind Sammy story, you got a good one going right here. Keep it up, more please. Denise
8/4/2009 c6 19supernatfem76
My favorite scene was when Sam helped them get into the motel room. I also liked Mindy the waitress. I liked your word choice for describing Dean through the waitress's eyes.
8/3/2009 c6 cuddygirl18
wow! i love it! i love this story already! please, please continue. :)
8/3/2009 c5 cuddygirl18
i love it!
8/3/2009 c6 69DarkandtwistyGirl
Hey Nicole,

Awesome chapter! I was so thrilled to see that you'd updated.

Can't wait for more, please update soon.

xx Hannah xx
7/13/2009 c4 44KayValo87
Still loving it. :)

My favorite part in this one was ...

“Have you gotten any sleep Bobby, cause really, I won’t break if I’m left alone, I promise.”

“I will when your brother comes back. Promised him I’d stay with ya while he was gone.

And after Sam left with that lady, I was sitting there repeating "Dean's gonna freak if he comes back to an empty room ... Dean's gonna freak if he comes back to an empty room ... "

Wonderful chapter. :)
7/13/2009 c3 KayValo87
Nice. VERY nice. :)

I loved the part when Dean was eating Sam's dinner.

“What the h#%$ is this? He asked gripping the weirdly shaped object.

Dean wrinkled his nose. “Some kind of Jell’O, I think.” He jiggled it under Sam’s grasp. “Or toxic waste, can’t really tell at the moment. It’s blue.”

LOL! Brilliant! :)
7/13/2009 c2 Guest
Very nice. You got me hooked now. :)

Poor Sammy! at least he has Dean ... because, like it or not, his big brother is not going ANYWHERE! (Do I see mother henning in Dean's future?)

BTW, Can Dean deck the drunk?
7/12/2009 c1 KayValo87
Just found your story.

GREAT start. :)

I'll let you know what I think as I go.:)
6/8/2009 c5 Ange
I like your story, but please find a proofreader. Defiantly is not interchangeable with definitely and "fare" is not "fair." Other than that, I enjoy your characterizations and hope you will update soon.
5/19/2009 c5 19supernatfem76
I liked Vicki's description of Dean and how you gave more background for her character. I liked the dialogue too. I could really tell from this chapter and the previous one that you really did a great deal of research into the training of the visually impaired. What a brilliant idea to make Dean and Bobby experience what it feels like to be blind.
5/19/2009 c4 supernatfem76
You really did a excellent job on this chapter. I like how you described Sam's eye color in the beginning and your description of Vicki Sunders. She is a very likable character. You also did a good job with the dialogue and showing how Bobby, Dean and Sam felt about his blindness.
5/19/2009 c2 supernatfem76
This chapter wasn't too long. It was just the right length. You did a good job explaining the cortical blindness.
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