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5/7/2009 c5 zuimar
Hi there, just read your story over the last couple of days and I'm really impressed, you've done a great job so far! I really hope you can find the time to past a new chapter soon!
3/29/2009 c5 snfan
hi just had a look at your story and wanted to let you know i am enjoying it very much.i think i read that it was your first story have to say you are doing a great job writting this for the first every story.I like the length of the chapters very much and appreicate that.look forward to more.
3/28/2009 c5 pandora jazz
Thanks for the nice long chapter, always love to read those.

You did a great job with your information and teachings for the brothers and Bobby, though it's not a big deal, but you reversed which medication, Percocet (oxycodone) vs Tylenol with codeine (Tylenol 3's)is stronger. Either one could make him sleepy though.

Still holding onto the hope that Sam will be OK. I like the mention of the ghost and wondering if besides the accident, she has something to do with Sam's blindness or maybe the swelling by the optic nerves will finally go down.

How rough for Sam, just for a moment he thought he could see again and yet he is still blind.

Thanks for continuing with your story and for sharing it with us.

Take care.
2/11/2009 c4 5AnickaMarie
Enjoying the story so far and looking forward to more. Glad your post over at Limp!Sam drew my attention to it.
2/1/2009 c4 pandora jazz
I'm glad that Bobby has arrived to help Dean and Sam. Nice touch having Bobby put the boys on his insurance policy.

I felt bad for Sam when he woke and knew that Dean wasn't there and didn't recognize Bobby right away. But I did notice that Sam woke only ten minutes after Dean had left him, so subconsciously Sam knew his brother had left.

Love how worried and protective Dean is of Sam. Also glad the Impala is OK.

I'm sure Dean, Bobby and Sam will find a way to cure the blindness.

You did a really good job with this chapter explaining Sam's fears and Dean's reaction to seeing Sam using the cane.

Thanks for the update.

Until next time, take care.
2/1/2009 c4 beautiful dreamere
aww! sammy! i hope Dean comes through with a solution.
1/16/2009 c3 Dark Hammer
I am pleased to read an awsome story with the characters of the supernatural universe. nice gooy visual feeling.
1/16/2009 c3 casammy.armoasantander019gmai
no tarde para el proximo capi y espero q su esposo pronto pueda encontrar un trabajo hoy en dia en todo el mundo estamos en crisis economica buena suerte en eso estoy segura q saldra adelante y aca van algunas sugerencias bobby aparece para ayudar a los niños y llevarlos a su casa mientras dean y bobby trabajan en el patio sam se escapa de la casa x q quiere dar un paseo y es aprovechado x un demonio para secuestrarlo, aparece castiel y le dice a dean y bobby lo q ha ocurrido y todfos se ponen a buscar a sam
1/15/2009 c3 pandora jazz
I loved Dean's thoughts about Sam. Nice line about his eyes, 'his brother’s eyes were just as bright and brilliant as the first day he’d seen their mother holding him.'

I'm glad that the brothers are talking and ignored the pamplets, as I don't think they need them yet or at all. The doctors should not have been so negative about the prognosis just yet, need to give the medication time to reduce the swelling. Hope that they don't need the information at all and that Sam will be alright at the end. (It is why I'm reading your story)

I like how you had the brothers mention Dean's time in hell. Much better moments than on the show.

Enjoyed this chapter and noticed you couldn't keep Dean away from the food, that sounds like him.

Thanks for the update.

Until next time, take care.
1/15/2009 c3 guardianmusicangel
Plz update! this is good!
1/4/2009 c2 casammy.armoasantander019
espero que continue su historia con dean cuidando de san en la casa de bobby y con un sammy recuperado 100% para seguir en la caza FELIZ AÑO NUEVO desde Asuncion del Paraguay
1/4/2009 c2 11Still Awesome2009
great story, can't wait to read more
1/4/2009 c2 2SamDeanLove
More..More.. please hurry up! =)
1/4/2009 c2 pandora jazz
Thanks for explaining what is wrong with Sam. I think you did a good job with Dean's reponse when he was left in the waiting room and later as he reacted to the doctors news.

I'm sure Sam wishes he could just go on-line and look up information on his injury, if only he could see.

I enjoy long chapters, so thanks for this one.

Thanks again for sharing your story with us.
1/3/2009 c1 3cavetrollgrl
Great start. please keep it coming. Scaring Dean half to death well written. Then cliffhanging it with hurt sam so we'll want more. Sneaky but good thinking
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