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for Truth

5/24/2012 c1 4Ryleigh Hayle
Wow. That is really well written!

Very very good!
11/21/2011 c1 78Mariliisa
This is a very nicely done piece.

I don't think Reid is OOC here - only as much as any character would be when taking drugs. Drugs makes people lose their usual personalities, don't they?

Anyway, I really liked this fic. So congratulations~
8/22/2011 c1 Azrael200
Honestly, OOCness in the case of a character under addiction is problematic. Who behaves as their usual selves when under the influences of drugs/alcohol/insert option here? I wouldn't worry all that much about it.

On with the review: short piece, but enjoyable. Reid was one of my favorites and I like what you did here with his character. This piece is fragmented, tinged with madness, purely poetic and chaotic. Very fitting and nicely done.

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