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for Naruto: 20 Shrouded Trysts

11/15/2012 c1 Guest
this is really good. i've reread this so many times and i love it every time.
4/20/2012 c1 25Kitsune1978
The bonus left me confused and suspicious. Whay the hell would Gaara feel guilty, hmmmmmmm? Is there anything we don't know? ;P

Anyway, good story, absorbing, very erotic, and Shukaku is an evil bastard, as usual.
8/11/2009 c1 20Waifine
I'd always wanted to read a ShukaMatsuGaa triangle story. This was very, very well written and amazingly in character.

Could you write more about these three with Gaara being more actively involved in his struggle-for-self?

Anyway, great fanfiction.
6/27/2009 c1 crystalwolfberri
D: Shukaku! how rude!

but this is actually very in-character. I wouldn't put it past the One-Tails to do this, but as 14 Suspicion and Bonus Guilt reveal, Shukaku's and Gaara's mental blocks were probably very little. one could do anything without the other finding out eventually, and if Matsuri is so loud-mouthed around Gaara, then I find it hard to believe she would act like that after Shukaku having done all that.

but never mind that. these 20 truths are very good, too. :) I've never thought about Shukaku's and Matsuri's relationship, for they are so close and yet so far.
4/22/2009 c1 11Nymyrra
I have my life back! I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!

(Spring break = end of exams. For now)

Which means that I owe you a long-overdue review ^_^ and an apology for not doing this sooner, due in part to my own forgetfullness and the fact that my computer decided that it was going to be special and not work for several weeks. Thanks for the dedication ^^

I loved it (it had Gaara in it, how could I not?). It was most definitely weird, with a dark, forbidding feeling, the sort of atmosphere you have in a horror show where you want to yell "No! Don't do it!" Matsuri is so sweet and steadfast, as usual, though you show touches of her fear and apprehension. Poor Gaara.
3/23/2009 c1 6Deta Henkan
Wow, this is... Pretty deep. I really can't figure out what to say.

As you know, I like the Gaara x Matsuri pairing but I hadn't really thought too much about Shukaku's presence. You've certainly given it a lot of thought and that's one of the great things about your stories.

As for the extra, is it that Gaara misses Shukaku or he knew what Shukaku did...? Maybe something else?
2/7/2009 c1 72Verboten Byacolate
1) That's because Shukaku is a cradle robber. But we love him anyway.


12) T-T "Self-imposed obligations" makes it sound like it's not worth it... poor Matsuri.

At the end, I was so relieved that he was gone. Ugh. What a cretin. Poor Matsuri. Poor Gaara. I hope they get far beyond without him.

2/2/2009 c1 4Kzdatgurl
Please forgive my tartiness! I saved you're update alert to make sure I was able to sit and read sans any distractions.

Finally I can review. I loved this piece. It is different being a Shukaku Matsuri piece but still it's delicious!

It's a swift change from the traditional pairing we all love and adore but not really.

Thanks for the shout out and i cant wait to see your next up date. Ja'ne...
1/23/2009 c1 17Halan Lore
First Shukaku and Matsuri centric story I've ever read. Awesome! ^^
1/19/2009 c1 Naruchan34
I love how you wrote your story, it is so wonderful! I just want to keep reading it over and over again because it's so awesome!
1/9/2009 c1 12Zero-Nightmare
Hi again:

Shukaku and Matsuri

I've never seen anything like so I'm really glad you wroteit.

I think that maybe they could have a relationship even if Shukaku wasn't extracted


See you later!
1/5/2009 c1 1Tessasama
I love this Story!

GaaMatsu are the best couple!


1/4/2009 c1 3Aideko
You are, officially, awesome. The world needs more ShuMatsu, and I nearly squeed with delight when I spotted this.

Your Shukaku is a total bastard - and I love it. You did a great job getting into his mentality and just simply making him absolutely unlikable. I have to say, this is the first fic where I don't like him, and I'm strangely happy about that. Also, Matsuri was wonderfully tragic: brave, selfless, caring, protective . . . All for the sake of Gaara and the village. You wrote her inner conflict beautifully. Oh, and the last drabble, it was so sad and powerful; it was a perfect ending to this fic.

All in all, you did a great job, and thanks so much for the special dedication!

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