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for Naruto: Childhood Memories

3/23 c1 onicorn
Aww… that was heartbreaking. Made me wonder what jinchuriki with sealed demons in them would be like as infants… it couldn’t have been easy for children like him and Naruto. It might even be like having colic, a nightmare for caretakers too. But these poor children never had a choice…
2/7/2019 c1 7CherryClementines
Awwwee, Gaara! ;'c I literally just want to run over to him and give him a huge bear hug! Your writing is beautiful, very descriptive. I loved how much you stressed how important his little stuffed bear is to him, and how he would never replace him. I felt like crying a bit in most parts of this story.. I'm glad I read this little one-shot! I'm looking forward to reading the others!
2/3/2019 c6 The Ram Princess
These were good! Gaara’s story will always be a tear jerker for me. And of course leave it to Shikamaru to be lazy on a weekend at such a young age lol.

When Naruto was asking Teuchi about home, my tummy was in knots!
2/1/2019 c6 26mississippimudpiecraves
Hahahaha this was too hilarious! I can totally imagine all this! Love it! Great job! :D
Ps. Forgot to comment abt shokugeki last chap, I love that anime too!
2/1/2019 c5 mississippimudpiecraves
Oh wow this one shot is fantastic! I can tell you spent a lot of time on this especially the careful descriptions of every little thing and each action. I love the interaction between Teuchi and Naruto! Love how he told him about his parents without either knowing that they are his parents and having his mom love ramen also. And finding a home in Ichiraku too. Aww. This was very sweet. Awesome job!
1/25/2019 c4 mississippimudpiecraves
Awww I enjoyed this. Lee is a character I adore. So glad that someone was able to plot out that critical point in Lee's childhood where he was able to meet his idol and removed all insecurities from his mind! I really liked their interaction! It is so them! This was a great read! p.s. I hope those bullies get what they deserve! Grr!
12/10/2018 c2 mississippimudpiecraves
That was quite entertaining! Hahaha! My poor baby Shika! You quite captured his laziness and tendency to avoid trouble. My favorite parts are when he escaped out the window and had his little talk with his dad. Nice work!
12/5/2018 c1 mississippimudpiecraves
Well done on expressing Gaara's heartwrenching thoughts and feelings. It broke my heart to see him go through a breakdown. Held my breath when he almost harmed himself! Great work!
10/27/2018 c6 36iBloo
I finally got to read it! I read this on the plane during a night flight and it was difficult to stop my laughing! Lol. I loved the One Piece and Bleach reference also.

Funny to think that Minato was the one to read it. But gosh. Minato beta-reading smut. Lolololol. Love it! Thank you for sharing!
7/8/2018 c6 Kakashi.Fangirl
Oh my lord! I'm crazy about this one-shot about Kakashi and Icha Icha! xD
It's wonderful in so many ways. The funny bits, the cuteness and the misunderstanding are mixed up very nicely. I always imagined Kakashi reading the book in his teenage years not when he was eleven but this works for me too. Especially when he shared it with Obito. That was cute and adorable. As a fangirl of Kakashi I truely think you described his personality when he was a child perfectly. I definitely got that vibe when reading it xD

This is AMAZING! Keep writing more about Kakashi!
7/7/2018 c6 SlyFox9
Oh my god this is the best you've could ever written for Kakashi new found love for Icha Icha Paradise. Great job.
7/2/2018 c6 11darkprincess888
Okay, so this was Completely, Completely hilarious! And why I can't help but wonder if this was some sort of canon moment or not.
But I really loved the ending! The Kushina-Jiraiya banter. I was laughing like a maniac for the entire length of the story!
Great Job!
Keep writing!
6/30/2018 c6 39Silent Magi
I love this story, it was nice to see the development of Kakashi into a true fan of Icha Icha.
6/30/2018 c6 23wingedmercury
Ahhhhhh that was great! Also liked the rip on One Piece and Bleach you snuck in there! Oh, you made me giggle creepily just like our poor protagonist. To think, all Kakashi's troubles started with Minato. Well done!
6/30/2018 c6 Guest
Funny! Just so funny and sweet! Good job! More please! :D
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