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for Naruto: Childhood Memories

4/24/2018 c5 36iBloo
oh my goooosh I loved this so much! and ugh. I'm not crying. I swear I'm was so heartwarming and incredibly well written. you described everything so well, especially the Ramen and the shop. I could practically smell and taste it! this story feels like home to me. I felt so warm and fluffy on the inside the entire time. thank you for posting this and sharing it with us!
4/22/2018 c2 32Daastan Go
A very different one-shot from the previous one, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. it showed the whole 'troublesome' theme nicely with Shikamaru. The way Shikaku caught himself before he said 'periods' was chuckle-worthy.

The issues, whilst still there, have been slightly ironed out, so that's also a plus. Tonally, this chapter presented a good contrast compared to the previous one, too.
4/17/2018 c5 19Poodie
I loved this! I laughed so much! I have to admit to this one being the most amusing so far :3

Naruto was seriously cute in this!

As much as I admitted to Lee being far more inspirational to me, Naruto definitely takes the cake between the two for most tragic backatory. I mean, every time I think about what was going on for Naruto, I can't help but cry. This one-shot also made me cry. When Naruto asked Teuchi what a home is, I had to stop reading for a while just to ponder and cry. I cried because a child his age shouldn't be asking that question because he wasn't familiar with the concept. A child Naruto's age should only be asking that question because they don't understand the proper distinction of the word. It is simply heartbreaking to know that he is so lonely.

Why in hel do these people hate him? They act as though NARUTO is the one who destroyed everything. They act as though he is evil! To what end? The boy is however old at this point, and yet you can find it in yourself to detest him?! Yeah, I guess to some point I can sympathise with the people; maybe they aren't actually seeing the face of Naruto when they sneer at him. Perhaps they are envisioning the face of Kurama: the demon who destroyed their home and took their loved ones. Maybe it's just easier to have someone to actively blame. To hell be the reasongs that it's only a child.

It's sad. Very sad when I think about it.

But I absolutely loved this! It made me laugh AND cry! What better combination can I find in a one-shot?

Naruto was so cute when he said he wanted more narutos in his meal. I could just imagine how he sounded! KAWAII! That whole conversation was just adorable X3

I've got a deep respect for Teuchi. Especially now. That man is...I don't know ey XD

I've also got some tons of love for The 3rd. He seriously doesn't get the appreciation he deserves. If it weren't for him, chances are that Naruto would be no more. That man is a serious legend. He deserves so much more love than he gets. He freaking mastered all the elements WITHOUT the Sharingan! Tell me that's not badass!


P.s You have no idea how much I adore your ending methods XD
4/17/2018 c4 Poodie
I know that I already told you that I love your method for ending the one-shots, but I especially love this one! Something about how Lee is shouting it out to Gai is just so aesthetically wonderful in my imagination XD

I don't want to sound like a picky, judgy jerk, but I've always found Lee to be far more inspirational that Naruto. That's just my opinion here XD But I do. I mean, Lee is LITERALLY incapable of using anything other than Taijutsu. He is limited. And yet, there are so many ninja, who are not so limited, that can't even DREAM of landing a hit on Lee. The boy is so fast, and powerful, and INSPIRING! It's one of the reasons I rank Gai above most other choices. Gai is a badass! HE landed a punch on THE Madara! All the peeps up in there were struggling!

I'm getting off topic XD Anyway, I do believe that Naruto is inspirational and all that, just not to the degree that Lee is. Lee is on a WHOLE other level. Fo sho! And you depicted that (through Gai...or at least the steps Lee was gonna have to take) in a soft and comforting way. All the shit I am pretty damn sure my boii had to go through, and damn was it worth it! Lee is one of the best ninja in the whole franchise! I stand to it! I don't care if he can't beat all the big shots, he is one of the best. Simple.

Another thing, I just love the lengths of these chapters! I've always loved longed chapters, but I've got to admit to some of the things I've read seeming a bit forced. The lengths were dragged out. But you XD Your content feels all natural! :D


P.s Would you believe that I think of Gai and Lee whenever I'm training? XD And it acrually helps me push on! XD
4/17/2018 c3 Poodie
Not to sound like a crazyhead, but I think I'm an empath XD I also think that I feel too deeply for these stories for my own health XD I cry too damn much!

First off, I cried A LOT for the summary. I don't know why, but I did. Something about my train of thoughts rolling in the direction of Kiba's only true friend from the onset being Akamaru. I quite adamently believe that Kiba has an amazing, good and true friend also with Hinata and Shino (even Kurenai when I get sentimental). But I think I like to believe that Kiba and Akamaru are basically one. They think the same things at the same time. You know? Like Siamese twins XD I love their connection overall. I think you captured how desperate Kiba would get if anything were to happen to Akamaru.

I lovelovelove their dynamics! There really is nothing like a dog ey :D They are so sweet, and they DO listen. I think that Kiba and Akamaru have one of the most unique friendships in the whe series. I just love them! Sasuke and Naruto's friendship can suck a pineapple in my book XD Kiba and Akamaru have the real deal!

This is beautiful. The friendship between a boy and his dog will always make for a good emotional story. However long. However short. :3

4/12/2018 c2 Poodie
I forgot to mention in the last review: I LOVE THAT YOU'RE ENDING YOUR CHAPTERS WITH THE TITLE! That's my absolute favourite thing to do! (Mainly in poetry and one-shots. But I'm thinking of doing it for stories too)

I love that Shikaku finally came to explain to Shikamaru that, yes, his mother does indeed love him. I've never imagined Yoshino to be immensely...umm..intimidating..? Well, I've always thought Shikamaru to harber some fear of her, but not for it to be because she ACTUALLY was intense. Simply because she's his mom XD But that's just me.

I love how you capture Shikamaru's childish thinking, and then with all these women against him, it's no surprise he would come to that conclusion XD The conclusion that all women are troublesome that is XD

"for some unfathomable reason" made me laugh SO FREAKING HARD! Loved it to no end XD

4/11/2018 c1 Poodie
That last paragraph (hear me, not the sentence ey, paragraph) is a heart stopper. I so love how you put 'who would smile at him no matter what happened.' Do you have any idea just how DEEP that is? It's brilliant! It actually broke my heart when I read that. Because to me, it's almost as if at this point Gaara has painted himself the bad guy. He is, what? Five years old or the like? Let's just go with five. This boy is five FREAKING years old, and he already thinks about suicide. It is so terrible when you think about it.

Would you believe that I also have a one-shot collection such as this planned? Yeah. XD I lovelovelove angst! Mostly because I like things that make me cry.

Anyway, back to reviewing XD

When you described how Gaara was the only one in the area (before he got the headache), I started crying. What you've written here is just so impactful and heartbreaking! You captured Gaara's lonliness really well. I adore this!

When I try to list the saddest backstory for a Gaara, I think I rank Gaara highest (then Sasuke and Itachi in second). For me, Gaara's plight began the MOMENT he was born; and it didn't ACTUALLY end until he died. What kind of thing is that? Gaara's life was miserable simply because his very own Father wanted a weapon. I wouldn't be surprised if Temari and Kankuro used to think that Gaara killed their Mother (in a child's mind, that has got to be one of the single most greatest offences they can conjure), even if Kishimoto never expressly indicated so (he left out quite a few things that would have been vital information anyway. So, yeah). Granted, Gaara came back to life. But still, he had to DIE first.

Now, on the flip side, I don't like to just go around painting Rasa (Gaara's Father) the bad guy. Yes, he did some awful shit. But I like to think that he was all mentally right before his wife died. I like to think that his grief drove him farther insane than he was previously thought to be. And, I think, Rasa blames Gaara for Karura's (I think that's the Sand Sibs' Mother's name) death. So, with all this together, I think Rasa is just...unstable. He definitelydoesn't get a pass for all the wrong he's done. But I think he should have at least been put to death differently. Not assassinated. And I think Kishimoto should have made the reunion with him a little more touching than it turned out to be. There wasn't enough closure (for ANY of the siblings).

I got off course XD

Anyway, I really love your piece! You mentioned to me that you review better than you write. You CLEARLY haven't seen the 300 reviews you got on THIS COLLECTION ALONE. Bi-arche please XP This is beautiful! You have no idea.

4/11/2018 c5 11darkprincess888
This was so heart warming! Naruto and Teuchi share a beautiful bond. Iruka might have been the closest person to Naruto but the Teuchi and Ayame were surely his almost surrogate family!
I really liked the little tidbits about Minato and Kushina! And Naruto considering Ichiraku his home was adorable! Good job!
Keep writing!
4/11/2018 c5 3usagi-no-usotsuki
It was a bittersweet chapter that leaves the reader warm in the end . Worked in great synchronization with the rain that really was falling where I am.
4/9/2018 c4 11darkprincess888
Wow! This was quite a motivating oneshot. I loved it!
Guy and Lee their bond is one of the most adorable teacher student bond and you have done a great job showing that!
Guy's speech was heart warming. And the ending was very cool!
Keep writing!
4/8/2018 c5 GeorgtheThird
Oh what can I say? Wow! This was absolutely some wonderful and amazing writing! What a great idea to explore his friendship with our favorite ramen guy, Teuchi. It has been seen in the light novel but as you also mentioned in your A/N it was very brief. Therefore, for you to go in depth with it in your one-shot and see it from Naruto’s perspective was truly brilliant. Little Naruto misunderstanding so many things was cute. It’s rare to see him like that now that he is a grown-up. So nostalgic :) Reading this really felt like CANON. If only we got to see this in the manga and anime. They should adopt yours for a light novel or an episode. That could be so cool :D

I’m so thrilled to read that this story was more than his sad background. With Gaara yes you can’t get around this but with Naruto he had a few good moments too. Therefore, again I’m glad you went this route.

And omg, your food descriptions made my mouth water. Your food metaphors of the weather were new and refreshing. Rain sounded like pork on the skillet and the sky that broke like an egg. That was cleverly implemented.

I can honestly not praise this one-shot enough. This is easily your best one-shot to date. Period!

KUDOS to you and thanks for sharing this heartfelt story about the future Hokage! ;)
4/8/2018 c1 32Daastan Go
We don't have many stories here that talk of familial love and childhood: it's either terrible power-wanks concerning Harems or power-wanks with Reverse-Harems (Naruto for the former, and Sakura for the latter), or it's the dreadful, dreadful Romances centered on characters (such as Sasuke, Itachi, Madara, Shisui, etc.) that have nothing to do with Romance in canon- -just because girls (Sakura wankers are always on the forefront here) want to dampen their knickers. It's a horror-show all around.

So, I'll say that this is a breath of fresh-air. I believe you got most of the nuances right: Gaara's isolation from his family obviously hit him the hardest. The (attempted) suicide scene showed how anxious and lonely the child was, and then the subsequent 'protection' from the monster was an interesting twist as it's the source of his misery and his power. I expected you to show that Gaara considered him a friend, too, in a twisted sort of way, but you didn't. A missed opportunity, I would say.

The backdrop of children playing, which, whilst simple and generic, was a workable thematic formula. The teddy-bear and its connection with Karura brought together most factors you introduced quite nicely. My main issues with the piece concern the prose: it's loose and has quite a lot of structural issues. But I don't think that grilling you now, when about a decade has passed by, is a bright idea. I would just advise you to work on your grammar and structuring. Read a bit on some basic punctuation and structure rules, and you should be fine.

Over all, good job. I'll read more when I find the time.
4/8/2018 c3 11darkprincess888
So cute and beautiful! I loved it!
Kiba and Akamaru is one of the most underrated bond in the fandom but I am super happy that you wrote about it!
The first time Kiba meets Akamaru was the cutest thing ever and also thank you for including Hinata as the loving and kind person she is!
Great job!
Keep writing!
4/7/2018 c2 darkprincess888
Poor Shikamaru! In the end, he ended up marrying the same type of woman as his mother!
But I'd say, his day was actually troublesome!
Good job done! I had a great time reading it!
Keep writing!
4/7/2018 c1 darkprincess888
Oh my god. This was a heart wrenching story but magnificently written none the less. I literally felt like crying after reading this piece.
The emotions were all too real. Poor child!
And so much angst!
Thank you for this! It was a great story!
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