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for Naruto: Childhood Memories

4/7/2018 c5 17Emma Raye
Oh this was precious! I love the setting you chose to do Naruto's children in, it's wildly appropriate. I appreciate the light-heartedness of it as well since it's so easy to make a Naruto backstory dreadfully depressing (though you didn't shy away from the fact that his childhood is quite awful). I thoroughly enjoyed this, it made me warm and fuzzy :)
4/6/2018 c5 177YenGirl
Oh, how lovely! That ending is one of my daughter and my personal favourites! That song - even without understanding the words - is touching and little Naruto looking all sad (and then with his big blue eyes lighting up) and Teuchi's kind generosity and of course that yummy yummy pork ramen!

But you brought all of that to life and more. You covered every bit of backstory that ending didn't have. You added possible side stories to it, and even a few future ones because I can't help thinking of how your Naruto would grow up and bring his family here and reminisce about the good old days :)

All he needed was kindness and a sense of belonging. I was kinda expecting little Naruto to put 2 and 2 together and come to the conclusion of who his parents were... but yup, it wasn't to be.

Bless Teuchi for the kind soul that he is *sniffles* And bless you dear writer for making me smile with happy tears in my eyes!

Looking forward to the next!
4/6/2018 c5 2SilverDragon1218
I’ve always wanted to know how Naruto became such good friends with Teuchi. This was lovely and also sad because Naruto has such a lonely childhood. *cries* poor Naruto!

Thanks for the story and I look forward to reading the next one!
4/5/2018 c5 Yoko89
AHHHH man my feelings that made me cry keep up the amazing work cannot wait for the next chapter.
4/5/2018 c5 hinatagirl18
It true. Fics about food are a great way to make a reader hungry! Lol! :)

I loved Naruto's first meeting with Teuchi and he found the first place he called home. And he learned his parents (indirectly) were very cool and he looked up to them even before he knew they were his parents.

I gotta say Naruto's childhood always makes me cry. He was a child and people hated him. I still think the 3rd hokage or somebody should've took him in when he was a baby. But this memory I like because this man didn't judge him. He saw a child who had nobody and needed a hot meal.

Great Job!
4/5/2018 c5 25fanofthisfiction
One thing holds true. Fics about food are a great way to make a reader hungry! :)

I like the exploration of Naruto's first meeting with Teuchi and the finding of his first 'home.' Learning about his father and mother (indirectly) was in fact a nice way to touch on how he was similar to each and how he really exemplified who they were. It was also get a glimpse of Minato and Kushina's love as seen by others.

Lastly, thanks so much for the shout out in support of the Fanfiction Review Movement. Here's wishing you lots of positive constructive reviews with this latest post!
4/5/2018 c5 iywe
Look what we got over here... another childhood memory. and this time we got the lovely meeting within' Naruto and Teuchi... and not only that but I got hungry while reading this hahaha...I may order sushi later... but for now, Another exceptional work from your part, you should make a long-story, you have the material to do so, I bet that if you ever write a long-story about Naruto it would be awesome like this One-shot's.

4/5/2018 c4 beLeever
Guy's speech to Lee reminded me of a personal trainer telling his student that he can also do well in the fitness world if he keeps believing himself. It was really inspiring and well written. It's the spring time of youth. Go, Lee, go!
4/4/2018 c2 7Ceies
"lying there like a dead fish" - XDDD That is just the perfect metaphor.

Poor Shikamaru really can't understand women. I've always really loved the family dynamics of the nara family. Shikaku and Shikamaru both are some of my favorite characters. So I really appreciated Shikaku's role in this - though seeing as this is a shikamaru-childhood-OS I should have probably expected to read about him, too.

This was a really funny thing. I think both the feudal lady and Ino might have overreacted a bit - which makes that part of the OS a bit ridiculous, but other than that I really like it. And it makes the whole thing a little funnier, so that' not really a bad thing anyway.

shikamaru really is a lazy fella. loved that part when he was thinking about that little pavillon his father's team built on the roof and how great it was and everything, but then he wouldn't do it, because he's too lazy. XD Great.

I also liked how the OS ended. When she first screamd 'SHIKAMARU' I also thought she was probably worrying where he had gone - guess every mother is a bit like that with their little children. And then that was it, and it was really sweet.

Also a bit ironic that he would end up marrying Temari of all people.
4/3/2018 c1 8Bhutea
This was really good. I really enjoyed the humor in it and poor Shikamaru always having trouble with women hahaha. It was really entertaining and I can’t wait to read more.
4/3/2018 c1 7Ceies

I've just read the first chapter. I don't know whether I'll read the rest right away or tomorrow. Actually gotta do something, but I'm a bit excited to read a bit more ... so ... *weighing my options here*

I really like your writing style. That's the first thing. Whish I could write english like that :o
As for the chapter ... 'afraid of being rejected - again.' Well ... ;_; So that's the kind of OS it's going to be. I did not start crying! But I do feel a bit sad and ... watery. I always really wished, Kankuro and Temari would have been better siblings to Gaara. I'm not really blaming them that much because they were kids and it really would have been daddy's job to care for GAara and make them care for their tiny brother too ... but I just wanted them to be better siblings. They are decent/good siblings in shippuuden after all. As for his father ... I feel really conflicted about him. I kind of liked that scene with him in the war-arc ... But he was just such a bad father.

Ah ... and now that I read your story ... why has every shinobi village a sad and lonely swing for the sad and lonely jinchuriki. Does Kishimoto have a thing with swings standing for loneliness?
4/3/2018 c1 hinatayvonne
my heart gaara did not deserve that, he was such a sweet and innocent child who just wanted to be loved
4/3/2018 c3 2SilverDragon1218
My emoji face disappeared and all that was left was (-) *Cries internally* Oh well...
4/3/2018 c4 SilverDragon1218
I loved these stories! They are so well written and they really represent the characters! Can't wait for the next story :D

Honestly its a fun change from the type of stories I usually read. Lee's story made me laugh. Gaara's story made me feel melancholy. Kiba's story made me think about his character more as I've never really thought of him that much. Shikamaru's story had to be my favorite though :D I really liked the ideas and the funny moments.

The description was great and I could picture all the stories as if it were an episode in my head.

Definitely recommend you read Lee and Shikamaru's stories if your feeling down.

Thanks for the fun read (-)
3/28/2018 c4 Yoko89
So far love the story I cannot wait for the for Naruto's need to get my tissues I feel that chapter is going to make me cry. my favorite so far Gaara's my feelings. keep up the amazing work cannot wait for the rest.
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