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10/13/2019 c3 Guest
Poor poor Bella. Told to leave after staying late for tasks! He is "hot" but SO rude!
10/13/2019 c2 Guest
Wow ...what a fascinating story already. "Flowers."And he has not even seen nor met her yet. Fascinating.
9/19/2019 c32 1Gigileexo
Okay this has been on my TBR list for yearss, but it was well worth the wait. I devoured this, loved the mystery elements, the dynamic between BE and their chemistry. And the batman references, are you psychic? Ha! Long overdue, but thanks for sharing with us!
-Gigi xo
9/11/2019 c31 Mayuri love cullens
Love this story thank you for writing & sharing
8/28/2019 c16 2kikki7
Omg, so I highly doubt you read reviews anymore, but seriously? How prophetic is this that Rob will actually BE Batman?! You were ahead of your time, woman!
8/14/2019 c33 Karthika
Thank you so much for this wonderful version of Twilight. I loved every moment of it. It was simply beautiful. Your changes in their personalities made them all the more wonderful. Thank you.
8/7/2019 c5 LaurelLeafSinger
Great AU story! Edward almost made it in time to save the victim from Victoria and James? With Laurent?

And Edward forgot his contacts in the previous chapter. Bella saw that Edwards eyes were gold, not green. All because he rushed out to mark her from Tyler!

Thanks for writing.
7/20/2019 c29 Noy
You really are treating the newborns as mindless drones just following James' orders obediently. I don't understand why they have such a strong loyalty to him. Why not betray him ? Think about it for a moment, you are alone with Alice and have receive orders to kill her if anything happen to your dear leader, you can of course obey and get kill by the others Cullen soon after or... You can try to use Alice as a bargaining chip to save your skin ? I'm not saying it's a perfect plan but your chance of survival would be significantly higher than by following orders of a leader who doesn't care if you die or not.
7/20/2019 c19 Kksmum
The Batman references are very topical.
I am reading this for the second time and loving it all over again.
7/16/2019 c16 redhed0103
How apropos, now that Rob is going to be the Batman! What foresight; as if you were channeling Alice and saw the future.
I love this story. Im back for my second reading
7/12/2019 c30 Bevey99
Really enjoyed the billionaire philanthropist vigilante vampire. Different, in a good way. Not the same old thing. Love how I'm just now reading this and it's very relevant to the fact that Rob has been named the new Batman. Great story, excellent. Thanks you for writing and sharing.
6/22/2019 c33 jen5795
After all these years and many times reading this story, I still love it.
6/21/2019 c33 1divyvicki
Great story!
6/21/2019 c31 divyvicki
Love the way this ended!
6/21/2019 c30 divyvicki
Thanks for ur AN about the wolves, I was wondering though if Jacob and Seth survived their encounter with James.
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