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6/14/2019 c17 1divyvicki
Well, that was an unexpected happening!
6/14/2019 c10 Frankie09
OMG! I can’t Hahahaha Bella!
6/14/2019 c16 divyvicki
I love that Batman is her favorite superhero!
5/29/2019 c15 divyvicki
Great chapter!
5/29/2019 c14 divyvicki
Glad he declared his intentions to Carlisle!
5/29/2019 c13 divyvicki
Glad she made it to his office without difficulty!
5/26/2019 c10 shamefultwilightfan
Okay this chapter had me cackling lmao love your writing thank you for keeping twilight alive with your amazing stories. This is one of the few greats.
5/20/2019 c33 23sweetstrawberrygirl
i loved it! the story was great! congratulations!
5/18/2019 c12 1divyvicki
I loved this chapter!
5/18/2019 c11 divyvicki
Great chapter! Love the description and tie to the painting!
5/17/2019 c10 divyvicki
I loved this chapter!
5/4/2019 c9 divyvicki
Glad she came back!
5/4/2019 c8 divyvicki
Great scene!
5/4/2019 c7 divyvicki
So, more info about the elusive Mr. Cullen!
4/23/2019 c6 divyvicki
Poor Edward and poor Jasper having to explain it to him!
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