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1/11/2018 c33 bellev
Great story
1/1/2018 c17 Guest
*throws a copy of twilight at you*
Im so glad I dont have to wait for the next chapter :D
12/3/2017 c15 Guest
Honesty what business is it of hers? She has brocken that contract she had to sign. He didnt tell her anything...she assumed.
11/26/2017 c30 Cerlian
There are a lot of rude comments on this story. Constructive criticism is one thing; being rude and cussing out someone else's creativity is just in bad taste. I thought this story was very fun to read. Thank you for the experience.
10/17/2017 c23 Guest
That really was a rude thing to say to Bella. With Tanya it was all animalistic and instinct...and I cant be with you that way.
Ok it was something like that but honestly at that point I would have just walked away. Bellas really going to give up having a sexual relationship? No thanks.
10/17/2017 c19 Guest
chapter 19, and bella has read his fucking journals and we STILL don't know who Edward has been with...geez
10/17/2017 c16 Guest
chapter 16 and you've alluded to Edward being with other woman, yet we haven't gotten ANY information about it. Way past annoying at this point.
10/17/2017 c13 Guest
chapter 13 and Edward has STILL not fought any crime...and has not made a move on bella.

Someone broke into bella house and she SO scared that she had a panic attack...and has nightmares so bad that she sobs in her fucking sleep. Because someone...broke into her apartment. YA, THATS a good reason to cry in your sleep...LOL. I don't get it. The situation as bella knows it doesn't warrant that level of fear. Its fucking ridiculous.
And Edward should just shit or get off the pot. Date her or don't, I really no longer care at this point. If Edward decided not to pursue bella at this point it would make NO difference to me...that's how bored I am of this story.

I hope none of my comments offend you, just keeping it real and giving you my opinions. If I come off as mad, I'm usually mad at the character not you.
I know some writers FREAK OUT when they get negative reviews of any form, cause apparently they think that reviews only have the purpose of inflating their egos and sucking their balls. But really if all you've (any writer)ever gotten is positive reviews, people aren't being honest or their not knowledgeable enough to be writing reviews in the first place.
10/17/2017 c12 Guest
I don't understand why Bella is so scared that she has a panic attack. At this point she doesn't know what Victoria is so why is she so scared? Bella thinks its just a woman, it seems kinda stupid to be SO scared of a woman that you have a panic attack.

If that was the reaction you wanted then give Bella something to actually be afraid of, scared enough to beg her BOSS to stay at her house.

10/17/2017 c11 Guest
I see you mentioned the real date of the painting at the end of the chapter...weird

Why does Edward have to be a monk? to "fight crime"?
That part doesn't make sense to me. Hes been with woman before.

why does he seem to have the idea that if he doesn't do something no one else will or can? I'm pretty sure aro, marcus and them would be happy to get on the case. They are the ones that handle this type of shit. I find it strange and unnecessary that Edward puts it on himself...yet doesn't REALLY do anything.

Chapter 11 and he has yet to "fight crime" hes all talk at this point.
10/17/2017 c11 Guest
Pollock painted that in 1942 not 1940 and I know art is subjective but lets call a pile of crap what it is, a pile of crap. It reminds me of that "painting" that just has a circle with a square inside.

Bellas commit reminded me of pretentious art students saying shit like "it means something."
I don't think that particular painting means anything, a kid could have done it.
10/17/2017 c10 Guest
First off. Why would Edward Cullen, CEO of a multi-million dollar business want a girl who works in a coffee shop? because he didn't want her he MUST be gay? Maybe he wants someone with a little more ambition? Did you ever think of that?

And what Bella just did in the kitchen, confronting her employer like that? That was so fucking incredibly rude. "I know what you are." What a stupid cunt! THAT was NONE of her business. He should have fired her for those comments.

Also, how does a 17 year old CEO hide the fact that hes 17? He cant keep that up for long, so it just doesn't wash with me. The crime fighting? That doesn't wash either. He hasn't caught anyone or done any crime fighting in ten damn chapters. So he must not be good at it. Even though he boasts "unparalleled" physical skills, LOL.

Edward said that bella was the most fragile creature he has ever encountered. REALLY? Hmmm that's odd don't you think?

And how does one drink that many pints of blood? In the woods he had animals strewn all over the ground, having drained them all. Where does that blood go exactly? The body can only hold so much, so why the excess? I don't understand that at all.

Some stories have him drinking four full grown deer in one go, and we all know that his body simply cant hold that much blood. I really don't get your thinking here.
10/17/2017 c9 Guest
How is she an enigma? Shes dumb and boring as fuck. And she sure as hell isn't professional. Ive read that shes smart several times but have yet to actually witness it. Shes been almost in tears several times cause her "boss is mean to her." She wore his clothes, ruined his the weeks she worked for him she never fell but when she goes back she "warns" him that she falls all the time. um...ok. Like Edward said "shes a mess." And not a hot mess.

Why did Edward not kill Victoria when he had the chance? to bring james or whoever a message? ooook. I'm sure victorias dead body would have been a more effective message.
This is getting really boring
10/17/2017 c8 Guest
Bella suffered HORRORS? WHEN? When Victoria grabbed her wrist and said your coming with me. That was "horrors." um, ok.

Edward said that he couldn't hurt bella because NOW it was his job to keep her opposed to earlier when it wasn't his job to keep her safe...? HUH, and I thought he "protected" everyone in his city cause it was "his" territory.

I don't think YOU even know what your writing about.
10/17/2017 c8 Guest
what the fuck does bella mean "away from my hunter?"

All she knows at this point is that Victoria has red eyes and her skin is cold, oh and shes really fucking weird.

So what the hell does bella mean, hunter? Don't allude to shit she doesn't know anything about! Ruining your own story hombre.
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