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5/30/2017 c1 19orchidluv
Im actually hoping Victoria or someone changes her just so Edward and her can end up the same without the normal "I'll never change you" bs. lol
5/30/2017 c11 orchidluv
Oh jesus i would die if Alice saw this conversation bwahahaha
5/30/2017 c10 orchidluv
Oh my Gawd, I am ROLLING!
5/30/2017 c8 orchidluv
I love how you make him seem so much older. I dont picture long lanky Robert Pattinson. I picture a distinguished, protective Pattinson. Yum.
5/30/2017 c6 orchidluv
Hahaha I couod just imagine Edward's reaction to Alice's vision of Bella's "fit of rage" with post-its!
5/20/2017 c1 2lairdJT
Only on chapter one, but so far your story is really good!
5/11/2017 c13 Atwiggs
It was a hit! Of course I'm not sure you even read your reviews on this story anymore. I mean you have so many! But I still feel like I have to say that I'm squirming over the interaction these two have going...,;)
5/11/2017 c10 Atwiggs
I think Bella came to a very sound conclusion. But I'm sure he'll have to straighten her out when he can't keeps his hands off her. But what happened to pull him away from the Cullen house, did I miss it?
5/11/2017 c8 Atwiggs
I love this story! Poor Edward, his whole life is gonna change. Bella's too and I can't wait for them to fall in love...
5/11/2017 c5 Atwiggs
James and Victoria along with some new ones!
5/10/2017 c3 Atwiggs
Wow he can't hear her thoughts and she has a very strong smell! She must be his singer, that's if he is vampire!
5/10/2017 c2 Atwiggs
You are an amazing writer and I hope I have time to finish this so please don't publish it yet.
5/10/2017 c1 Atwiggs
I read some of this before but I don't remember Edward being in it in the beginning or do I just have a terrible memory?
4/21/2017 c33 MELIS
Amazing amazing amazing! Totally loved it
4/17/2017 c32 1EdwardLoverForever13
I absolutely enjoyed this fanfic! It was amazing!
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