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7/16/2023 c25 twilightobession
7/13/2023 c24 twilightobession
I think Alice is really who James wanted. But why go after Edward and not Jasper to get her. I think James created Alice.
7/12/2023 c33 Cknsw
Just reread. Loved it the second time too!
7/11/2023 c23 twilightobession
7/10/2023 c22 twilightobession
U can't wait to see how their meeting with the Rez goes
7/8/2023 c21 twilightobession
Bella is pushing Edward's boundaries.
7/8/2023 c20 twilightobession
Oh my, that was PERFECT!
7/7/2023 c19 twilightobession
I love that she was in his room just like he was on hers. Lol
7/6/2023 c18 twilightobession
Bless them both
7/5/2023 c17 twilightobession
Oh my! Poor Bella.
7/4/2023 c16 twilightobession
Enjoying reading this story
7/2/2023 c15 twilightobession
She called him out. Lol
7/2/2023 c14 twilightobession
If Esme was human when Carlisle found her then he should understand where Edward is coming from
7/2/2023 c13 twilightobession
I am glad he was not upset with her just showing up. You know, Alice could have warned him. Lol.
7/1/2023 c12 twilightobession
What is James io to? Poor Edward is stuck in her apartment with her. Lol.
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