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7/1/2023 c11 twilightobession
Poor Edward. He is struggling.
6/30/2023 c10 twilightobession
Gay Vampire! Too funny.
6/30/2023 c9 twilightobession
I'm glad that she stood up to him.
6/29/2023 c8 twilightobession
Oh my, I am glad that Edward got there in time. Thank goodness for Alice.
6/28/2023 c7 twilightobession
Oh is Edward going to help Bella out, since Victoria is close by.
6/28/2023 c6 twilightobession
Glad Jasper came to the house and called Edward out on his feelings. Lol. Love Bella wearing Edward's shirt
6/27/2023 c5 twilightobession
Edward has problems.
6/27/2023 c4 twilightobession
Oh that is all Edward needs is for her to cut herself.
6/27/2023 c3 twilightobession
So Edward is a vampire and he can't hear her thoughts. Can't wait to read more.
6/26/2023 c1 twilightobession
Is Edward a vampire in this story or human?
6/20/2023 c1 Guest
so fun
5/16/2023 c33 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I just read this…over the past couple days, while on vacation. I love the world you created, and your take on the characters. So glad you shared with us!
5/10/2023 c26 cllaporte
Great chapter, just a pet peeve pointed out. Inside if something falls it's to the floor. Outside if something falls it's to the ground. Inside, sitting on the floor, not the ground.
4/22/2023 c33 WordsMusicMagic
I don't know how it's taken me this long to read this story but it was fantastic. I loved OCDward! I totally was not expecting the turn that this story took. Thanks for a fabulous ride!
3/30/2023 c23 Guest
It's "rein in," not "reign in." Look it up if you don't believe me.
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