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3/29/2023 c14 Guest
1/6/2023 c10 nox.99.lumos
12/10/2022 c33 CynMar Rom
I totally looked up the books.
I would totally read it. I just need the budget! LOL
Thanks for sharing!
12/3/2022 c30 2TrillionSchiffer
Hahahahaha 3 chapters left and he FINALLY got his head out his bum. LOLOLOL
12/3/2022 c26 TrillionSchiffer
Roll my eyes...Head still up his Bum!
12/3/2022 c13 TrillionSchiffer
Here is what I don't like about reading about Edward in fanfics. His head is stuffed so far up his bum and he is so emotionally stunted, that it takes forever for him to realize he is experiencing 'feelings'. Or should I say, Romance. He will spend up to eighty percent of a story this way, till something happens and he FINALLY gets a fricking clue. SMGDH. And by then the story is basically over and as a reader, your only reward is his emo ass finally did something anyone else would've done by chapter 3. SMH

Not much of a reward if you ask me.

Do you mean to tell me the 'real plot' of this and every other Edward-based story is that this Tin Man finally realizes he can feel something again? Or That he doesn't have to be a total tool to Bella and everyone who tries to tell him 'feelings' aren't bad? That's my reward for the time I spent? Him going "Oh wow, I see what you mean. Look at me smile again!"

Its basically a one-note story every time Edward is the lead POV in a fanfic, or so close to the lead that it makes no difference.

Edward is Sad/Miserable. People who care try to justify life and happiness to him. Eighty percent of the book/story later, He gets a Clue and then the story is done when it finally gets to a place you ACTUALLY wanted to read about. You know, that place where all the Emo B.S. is finally out of the damn way!

thing Every fricking time. Really hate reading about Emotionally broken ppl. SMH

Frustrating right? LOL

So Imma skip way ahead and save myself some time. Let's see what chapter 20 holds for us. If not that, then 25, and if not that then 30! If his head is not out his bum by then, with only three chapters left, then I'll just call it quits there.
12/3/2022 c12 TrillionSchiffer
Edward Vs James... that Fight scene and strategy needs work. A lot of work. Shoulder in a throat? Please tell me you meant elbow, and even then, what does an elbow in the throat do to someone who doesn't need to breathe? Doesn't Edward know that? Shouldn't he adjust his fighting strategy for vampire opponents?

You are writing like these two are human. SMH, I thought by now that you would've figured out they were vampires. LOL You know, given all the context clues in the prior chapters LMAO.

Okay, good times lol...Back to the 'shoulder in the throat' ... (roll my eyes). Besides the difficulty it would take to get in that position, it leaves Edward's face or back of the head exposed for bites, and James's lower half could've wrapped him up and locked him in place from that position taking away the advantage of speed and maneuverability. Then it would've been a grappling match at that point, which is the worse thing you want to get into when having to deal with the possibility of multiple opponents. Just saying.

Unless you've made a study of Bokh, Sambo, Danzan Ryu, etc... then tackling is a last resort for humans in a fight. Puts a novice in as much of harm's way as their opponent. More than likely, it may give your opponent the advantage. Simply put, the benefits do not out way the cost.

And if the characters are vampires, I DEFINITELY wouldn't suggest it. Unless you want everyone looking like Jasper. Edward has an advantage with his mind reading. Don't know why you didn't use it instead of writing around it in a clear attempt to give James a chance at an equal fight. SMH, The whole fight was tactically unsound. You would be much better off giving Edward a Martial Arts Discipline. Tai Chi, Judo, Muay Thai, Shuai Jaio, or even have him walking around with a sword. Point is, If he knows how his opponents are going to move/attack, then a 'discipline' will let him know what to do when an opening presents itself. His fights should be just as easy as Alice's. Because clearly, you don't have her ramming 'her' shoulders in ppl's throats. LOLOLOLOL

Good grief, what were you thinking? LMAO.
8/23/2022 c33 Monnie Mcintosh
This was an amazing story. I loved how you made it so different but still following the main story. Romance was great. Bella was very funny and Edward as always was the most important jewel in your story. Thank you
8/20/2022 c10 Monnie Mcintosh
Actually very funny
6/11/2022 c17 Paradizei
the batman references are GOLD
4/28/2022 c16 MsAnneScarlett
rereading this and the batman comment is so funny, seeing as Rob is now playing batman!
2/21/2022 c31 Kksmum
Awesome from beginning to end. Love it. I had read it before a long time ago; it did not disappoint the second time.
Thank you for writing a great story.
2/19/2022 c16 Kksmum
Batman! I have my ticket to see it! So excited to see Rob as Batman. What a coincidence to read about Batman here.
2/10/2022 c10 aphii
honestly I just love that u made Edward batman
12/7/2021 c33 UntitledEnder
Okay. This is best fanfic I’ve read on here. It’s so hard to find fics where they’re still vampires. Everyone always makes them human and some of those are great but dammit man, the vampire lore is what brought us all here to begin with. 5 stars. 10/10. Just perfect.
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