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9/19/2011 c5 595Ghostwriter
Cool. Catch ya on the flip side.
2/17/2010 c5 11Peace Faith
The last chapter shifts from one scene to another without a break or anything to let the reader know it's different.

This is a great outline for a story but it would be even better with some more details and some scenes from when they were broken up, to help really get the feeling that they are broken up and they want to get back together. On the whole, it's a good idea but I'd just like to see more.
2/1/2009 c5 30Whispering Ranger
I like it! I'm just sad it was the end... but it was a great ending! I was a bit confused because it shifted between several scenes then back to one and so on, but... I still liked it :D
1/31/2009 c5 17griffin blackwood
the points of view kind of got confusing at times... but it eas very good
1/25/2009 c4 griffin blackwood
yeah! i can sleep easy tonight in my dorm room knowing you've updated!
1/25/2009 c4 whiteranger
good chapter I think dustin and hunter need to have a long talk and get back together
1/25/2009 c4 30Whispering Ranger
HA! Dustin and Tori are finito! *dance*

I hope Dustin comes around and gets back to dating Hunter, and that it happens painless, butiknowthatwon'thappen.

Chapter was a bit rushed, but I don't mind, lol.
1/9/2009 c3 17griffin blackwood
1/9/2009 c3 30Whispering Ranger
I was like; *reads Dustori* *shudders* *goes to clean eyes* XDD It was very well written though, but you know me ^_^

I can't wait to see where this is going! Tori was a bit... sudden...? I dunno, it was just a bit... yeah.

I like it though :D
1/7/2009 c2 17griffin blackwood
omg i know that song! and you made it seem like there is a hint of duske if you look hard enough! i love you!
1/7/2009 c2 30Whispering Ranger
Aww, dude like, aww :o

This chapter is sad. Not just sad, mega sad. DUSTIN! Realise you have to stay with Hunter, man _

I wonder what'll happen now... what will they all do? :0
1/4/2009 c1 17griffin blackwood
you're your normally evil genius self! i shall have my revenge with new dustin ships eventually! meanwhile Whispering Ranger is having me work on lots and lots of Bradley-cest
1/4/2009 c1 30Whispering Ranger
Oh cool! At first I wasn't sure what to expect, afraid that it might've been too much like Patrick's story... but this works ^_^ I like it, very interesting :D Poor guys, I wonder what'll happen to them...

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