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1/4/2009 c1 35Dreadedfemale
"Dean had stepped in front of his brother twice and was not looking forward to the tongue-lashing that was sure to come."

Hee! Great line. Nice descriptives. :)
1/4/2009 c1 212PlatinumRoseLady
Oh, a DOUBLE use of the word!

I'm impressed!
1/4/2009 c1 21SciFiRN
A double lash...extra points.

Nice pic of Dean, as always, trying to protect his lil bro.
1/4/2009 c1 822akaStoryteller
Ooh, nice work-two lashes in one drabble.
1/4/2009 c1 45Thru Terry's Eyes
nicely done. two versions of the word!
1/4/2009 c1 39Letting The Rain In
Hey, double usage! Great stuff.
1/4/2009 c1 111IheartSam7
Oh nice. I want to read about the tongue lashing. And, oh how I love the visual of sleeping Sam. THANKS! Nice work.
1/4/2009 c1 46LovinJackson
m i love his lashes :) Awesome
1/4/2009 c1 111deangirl1
You know, picking lash - it was just inevitable to focus on those wonderful girly-curly lashes... Thanks for a lovely image!
1/4/2009 c1 77sweetysmart0505
Really good job!
1/4/2009 c1 110Enkidu07
oh, clever usage. You painted quite the picture here - very realistic and crisp.
1/4/2009 c1 122KatyMM
I bet he's not! I can just see Sam giving him a hard time about that!

Oh and nice double use of the challenge word too!
1/4/2009 c1 52Onyx Moonbeam
Nice quiet moment. Safe and sleepy. What a good end to any day.

Excellent job with just 100 words!
1/4/2009 c1 212DeansBabyBird
Hey Nana.

Umm sweet a double dose of the lash as it were! Heehee. bev xx
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