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for Lord Tony and the Princess Snide

6/19/2020 c10 4AlpineSheep
Sometimes a second review is warranted - wow, has it really been 11 years? - as it can be interesting to see how a tale has stood the test of time... So here I am! I just have to say that Chauvelin and his hand lotion still make me literally laugh out loud every time I think of them, and I still don't even have to be reading the story to do so! The 'ketchup' and 'mustard' remarks became quotable quotes between me and one of my sisters for years - thank you for such a timeless classic of insanity!
10/8/2009 c11 Iatheia
That was bloody brilliant.
6/13/2009 c2 26The Phantom Dragon
ha hah aha love this
6/10/2009 c11 2Isis Kaiton
Hahahahaha! I am laughing so hard right now. I think there might actually be tears rolling down my cheeks! A round of applause and standing ovation for Baroness Orc!

This is most definitely one of my favorite stories. It was hysterical and very entertaining. I just read three Scarlet Pimpernel novels in a row and I must say, it was SUCH a refresher to read something without all the usual drama. I really want to read Lord Tony's Wife next since he's my fav character (although he is paid little attention to in the books) and I know the experience will be 3954570345 times more enjoyable now that I'll have your commentary at the back of my mind. Truly, it was marvelous!

I can't even count all the totally awesome parts of this story, but off the top of my head I can think of a few: 1) the hysterical asides, 2) the ugly, er, "cosmetically challenged" villain, 3) Ffoulkes reading from the Rule Book, and of course 4) Sir Percy picking everyone and everything up to whisk them away with a "TALLY HO!" There were so many more funny parts too that I don't think I have room to list them all.

So I'll end this long review now before I bore you anymore. I can't wait to check out your other works! Keep up the fantastic writing. You will go very far!

(Aside) And if you happen to remember which of the Scarlet Pimpernel novels happened to be REALLY good or involved Lord Tony with something more than a minor appearance, could you let me know? Thanks, you're a doll. (End of Aside)
4/23/2009 c5 9Fleur24
This is so hillariously funy. I couldn't stop laughing.
2/11/2009 c11 4AlpineSheep
First, let me say I am a very devoted and loyal fan of Orczy and TSP. Okay, now I hope that covers me and I can rave a bit about this story. This was amazingly funny! Creative wit at every turn! Chauvelin and his hand lotion make me literally laugh out loud everytime I think of them, and I don't even have to be reading the story to do so! The league of C.C. was classic! The COPE was too! When Percy started looking through random things, at first I was like 'what on earth?' but by the time it got to the coat hanger I was in stitches!

I had this probably scary idea that if someone had enough time on their hands, enough people who were as crazy as they were, a camera and some random costume supplies, this could be turned into a hilarious video skit. Just a thought.

All in all, this was a story that could definitely take some teasing!
1/20/2009 c11 20SherlockianGirl
I laughed so hard, I spat on my computer screen... Percy invented spandex? I KNEW IT! The whole Percy talking like a Jew had me in hysterics, I couldn't breathe!

I'm so glad I read this! It will be interesting when I get around reading the actual novel, cause I probably won't be able to take it seriously at ALL.

(please write more? like for another SP novel? Please?)

This was an excellent piece of parody, m'dear! *claps*
1/20/2009 c10 SherlockianGirl
Good job, Martin-Roget...win the girl (who is...um...MARRIED!) haha! Can I reiterate how much I love your asides? They're just awesome.
1/20/2009 c9 SherlockianGirl
Ah yes, Chauvelin's ultimate undoing? The mispronunciation of his name. WONDERFUL! XD

"And a cuter tush"- I have to agree!
1/20/2009 c8 SherlockianGirl

"Oh...please let me out of here." AHAHA!
1/20/2009 c7 SherlockianGirl
I love this testy Marguerite! Haha, I'd love to see her have it out with Percy!
1/20/2009 c6 SherlockianGirl
Lord Antony Dewhurst:"Can we kick ass?"

Sir Percy Blakeney: "Um. . . no. That is not the function of the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel."

I think I just died laughing XD
1/20/2009 c5 SherlockianGirl
" . . but I'm French! Isn't that cool?"

"Well, in a manner of speaking. . . yes. . . but so what? Do you have a first name?"

ahaha! Poor dude without a first name...
1/20/2009 c4 SherlockianGirl
AH, this is too brilliant for words! I loved how Percy is looking through everything (the bubble wand was my favorite) and how Andrew could tell Percy to stuff it! Absolutely LOVE the asides and the beginning sentence of each chap, well done! Hee hee...
1/20/2009 c3 SherlockianGirl
heh heh, Chauvelin WOULD overdose on snuff XD
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