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for The Problem with Purity

9/26 c17 Jason Slupski
why all talk talk talk?

can we plez have young boys getting raped an crying as that what i likes
9/24 c62 EliBDarcy
No tengo palabras, la historia más maravillosa que he leído de este ship, una trama increíble, no he trabajado ni dormido prácticamente en una semana para terminar de leerlo, gracias gracias por compartirnos está historia
9/20 c30 Guest
The abuse Hermione suffers from Snape is awful. This is such an unhealthy dynamic to be casting as romantic.
9/20 c17 Xwitchplease
God awful plot on a paper thin premise. To regard this a garbage trash is an insult to garbage and trash.
Head out the gutter and back to writing school for you!
9/20 c14 2LittleMissHugALot
I'm a quarter way through this, and I would just like to say that whoever this "guest" reviewer is who is posting valger feedback that are more insults, then constructive criticism is wrong.
This is just an average epic fic with some creative plot points. I wouldn't even call it adverge. This fic is GOOD. The author needs to work on their flow, but the characters and plot are well hashed out, and I find myself reading even after my lunchbreak should be over.
Don't be discouraged, this fic is worth a read.
8/23 c30 Guest
actually the most annoying noise is trump still breathing
8/23 c13 Lola 7bunny
You've lost me as reader with all this racism in last two chapters. For shame when a writer tries to use a fic to spread their racist agendas.
8/10 c23 Suzie Poopstain
Many lines taken from other fics. Don't no if those were written by writer or not.

Anyways really bad fic and made me depressed. So no.
8/4 c11 atgaarmstron
Detestable fic. It's got so many things wrong going on at once, you have to reject plot and drop reading this.
7/31 c11 BellaTrixie123
This is just the worst! Why has it goy so many review?
7/30 c30 british lexi'08
Journals chapter has much text copied from a Hermione focused fic A different story of luv by bridgetmagicelite posted 2004-5 on ao3
7/27 c23 Gwynyth Walsh
Please DO NOT use my name in your works - even if it is meant as to be an original character.
Google searches keep bringing it up and it causes me to lose out on acting jobs and teaching assignments.
I do not wish to be associated with any material of this nature.
I would prefer to not contact FFNet moderators or legal department but will if this isn't edited out in all chapters containing my title.
Please rectify immediately
7/26 c62 Rosenburg
well reading this trash heap crap disaster has made me suicidal again...

i will just be in my car with a hoss pipe and the carbon monoxide...
7/24 c47 KAW2015HPLOVER
Draco and Harry eating shit out of eachothers asses hasti be the most disturbing and disgusting thing I read online.
Reported for policy violations
7/23 c22 Missy Leanne
After 21 chapter I am downvoting this and not reading by this more.
Bad vibes and wizards who talk lil bitches. No.
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