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for Slip of the Tongue

4/25 c31 Fernandes2692
this is how the episode should have really been
2/2 c64 BMMRLCW
I've just finished reading all chaptersI was so upset when I realised there weren't any more. I need more!
1/26 c64 Guest
I just found these stories, and have loved reading them. You have and amazing ability to portray the characters exactly as ASP would write them. And, your rewrite of the episodes is so much fun. Thank you!
1/14 c64 d'evilregal
Absolutely obsessed with your work! Can you please send me the titles of your published works I’d love to give them a read.
1/9 c48 d'evilregal
This sounded so much like Lorelai it’s insane. Amy? Dan? Is that you?!
1/8 c43 d'evilregal
Amazing lol. That dress was heinous! Although I imagine it wouldn’t be too terrible without the collar and worn with a few buttons undone lol.
1/8 c42 d'evilregal
Omg I wish this was how they really reconnect.
1/6 c32 d'evilregal
Ok. I’m completely obsessed with this entire collection. Can I submit/request a prompt?
12/21/2020 c64 LukeandLorelaifan2021
this is so good. Please can u actually maybe add a few more chapters. I want to hear what happens about the baby.
2/7/2020 c64 Guest
11 years. Freaking love you Mags. Can’t believe I missed this update back in September. Beautiful as always!
10/9/2019 c64 Guest
Oh, Mags, my hero, why oh why would you compromise your own superior GG franchise by associating it with any canon from that wretched excuse of a revival? Mho is you should have kept this one as a stand alone. Because while YOU totally rock AYITL did NOT and even your brilliance can't fix it for me this time, like you did for seasons 6 and 7. Jmho. Your slips are sacred, hate to see them sullied! I would love to see some more original run slips, though, even from those bad years. You've always made the good better and the bad tolerable. How about Bon Voyage? The ultimate Mags original run ending with a bang! Then if you can, move this and all future AYITL stuff to its own collection. Please and thank you!
10/6/2019 c64 ResaM
Awww, Wonderful! Thanks so much Mag68! Always excited to see a new one from you, and I've really been missing more L/L fics. Seems like all the AYITL ones focus on Rory. I can never have enough of Luke and Lorelai! This was perfection added to an already excellent scene. I will certainly be hoping and thankful for anything else you care to share with us.
10/4/2019 c64 RhizOneill
Awww do perfect. Love this so much.
10/3/2019 c64 disneygal18
Welcome home, MAG68! A wonderful story. It certainly is a band-aid on the travesty that is AYITL.
10/1/2019 c64 fnfnztri
Wow, what a surprise to see an update for this story! You took one of the few good scenes from AYitL and made it that much better, and added a extremely well written natural conclusion for that night. I love how you have both their voices down, probably have Luke down better than the Palladino's tbh. Thanks so much for the update!
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