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6/14/2017 c35 Cecily
Sasha belongs with Dracula, not Edward.
11/12/2016 c1 jk
lol sasha is not only a horrible name shes also a nasty whore...LOL
3/13/2016 c35 ninny 1
Oh wow so sad
Good story well written and so different
Thank you
4/25/2014 c35 1Atlafan1286
loved this story, the ending was sad though:( i loved the dracula parts!
6/14/2011 c35 Jambies
Bravo! What a brilliant story...I was reluctant at first to read this, concerned that it would be too far from believable...HOWEVER, I read the first two chapters and got hooked on all that Sasha and Edward were. With each chapter, I fell in love with this story and am amazed at such a beautiful arch into SM's world you made at the end! Thank you for sharing this gift with me!

5/1/2011 c35 5AnnaLund
This was a rare and fine story. What luxury to happen upon it when it was already finished... :-) And how strange it is to know you are done with writing for us - here.

To get back to the story itself, I actually feel Bella is the intruder here. Edward doesn't always have to end up with Bella, and this was one instance where I would have gladly let him go. To Sasha.

Well written, but the early chapters were clearly from a couple of years ago - your writing has improved so much it is staggering. And it shows in this story, I realize now it spans over two whole years of writing.

You are well on your way to getting published now, and all I can say is: remember that with "normal" books, you can't achieve 400 thousand reviews (and in case you do, your name is SM and you have a lot of people bowing to you - me included). And I think you were darned close to the 400.000 break the other day.

take care, MTK, go get them all. come back and tell us all about it, once in a while.

4/2/2011 c35 Spencerette
Wow, that was quite an ending :) I really like how you worked Sasha's story in with Breaking Dawn. Having Edward acknowledge her was sweet and a little bit painful, but it's nice to know that he did remember her :)
3/16/2011 c35 Purple Fairies
Sigh, sad to see the story end. I really enjoyed it, and really think a story about Sasha and the Volturi would be a great one to write!
2/21/2011 c35 bklover08
MTK, I really enjoyed the way you wrapped this up, with Sasha finding control in her life with the help of Dracula (geez, in my head he looks like Johnny Depp...) and that she would be willing to help save the Cullens in return for her "slavery" with the Volturi. She was always so full of love for all of the family - so very bittersweet at the end! Thanks for finishing this - xoxoxo ;)
2/20/2011 c35 kitty j
Dear Mrs.TheKing,

You are on a bender, aren't you? You've got a 'Poukeepsie' coming out soon. You have finished this and GYNAZOLE,and given us a new chapter on 'Shackled'. All we need now is some 'Crushed Serephim' and a small truckload of 'The Revenger' and all will be right with the world (aside from all those things going on in RL...eeeeck!). Anyway, updates go a long way toward making those things tolerable. Not the right word but...don't get me started on politics. It's not pretty. Anyway, you have been burning up the keyboard and I, for one...

Thank You,

kitty j
2/19/2011 c35 1Songirl
Congratulations on finishing your first- at last.


2/17/2011 c35 Twiolic
Oh my! That was a heartbreaking and sweet ending. Very good story.
2/17/2011 c26 Twiolic
Love them together!
2/17/2011 c25 Twiolic
I love Pudge, and Edward's red Ferrari!
2/17/2011 c3 Twiolic
This chapter gave me the chills. I already love Sasha.
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